An asset is anything a business owns. Definition and Explanation of Business Terms. She has specialized in financial advice for small business owners for almost a decade. This paperwork is one of the first tasks you will complete when you officially start your business. What is Synergistic Effect? In effect, this statement affirms that you as an individual will act as guarantor for the business’s debt, making you personally liable for the balance of the loan even in the event that your business fails. Also referred to as variable rates or adjustable rates, these amounts may often start out lower than the fixed rate percentages. Overhead are those Expenses that relate to running the business. Revenue refers to the income you get from a business activity in a given time. The government can not only seize your assets for liquidation to resolve the tax debt, but they can also charge you penalties on the amount you owe. If you take your Assets and subtract your Liabilities, you are left with Equity, which is the portion of the company that is owned by the investors and owners. provide the business with a lump sum of cash up front in exchange for a promise to repay the principal and interest at specified intervals over a set period of time. Here is your tool for demonstrating how you want to establish your small business and how you plan to grow it into good financial health. However, be sure that your business will be capable of making that last balloon payment since it will be a large one. Accounts payable is a measure of how much you owe your creditors for goods or services supplied to you. Gross Margin is a percentage calculated by taking Gross Profit and dividing by Revenue for the same period. The Book Value shows the original value of an Asset, less any accumulated Depreciation. There is at least one exception worth knowing. This method creates a debt that must be repaid but lets you maintain sole control of your business. What is Synergistic Effect? Credit cards are an excellent example of unsecured loans that are a good option for small business funding when combined with other financing options. For a small business entrepreneur, entering into a franchise agreement with a larger company can be a way to enter the marketplace. The statement of cash flow should reflect activity in the areas of operating, investing, and financing and should be an integral part of your financial statement package. Liabilities are considered either current (payable within one year or less) or long-term (payable after one year) and are listed on a business’s balance sheet. A severability clause will either allow the invalid portion to be modified to reflect the party’s actual intentions, or rescue the other portions of the contract that are written properly and keep them valid and enforceable. By raising capital this way, there is no debt, and the factoring company assumes the financial responsibility for collecting the invoice debts. Along with three other reports relating to the financial health of your small business, the. This provision is common and states simply that if a dispute arises from the contract then the losing party will pay both side’s attorney fees. If a contract for this sale of goods included a merger and integration clause, the merchant would be precluded from later claiming you had agreed accept the goods on a different date. These clauses are used when the actual damages resulting from a breach are unascertainable. Indemnification (Hold harmless agreement) If you agree to an indemnification clause it means you are agreeing to hold another party harmless against future legal claims. What Should Be Included in an Employee Handbook? When parties include a forum selection clause they are agreeing that any disputes will be covered by the law of a specific jurisdiction, and/or within a certain forum (court). This is particularly true when there are unknown variables that could influence a person’s ability to perform under the contract within a certain period of time. To plan ahead for upcoming expenditures and working capital, you need to depend on previous cash flow patterns. This lets you, the business owner, take advantage of a brand name that’s already familiar in the marketplace and a process or operation that has already been tested. These patterns will give you a comprehensive look at how and when you receive and spend your cash. Fortunately, you don’t need an MBA to master key business concepts. If you’re seeking financing for a very new business and don’t have a high value asset to offer as collateral, you may be asked by the lender to sign a statement ofÂ. One of the important documents required by lenders and investors that shows a summary of the actual collection of revenue and payment of expenses for your business.


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