Payment methods Cash on Delivery and Credit cards, debit cards are also available. Avail Offer *In order to avail this offer your minimum order size should be Rs 500 Close Subziphal Delivers on Monday - Saturday From 10:00Am to 7:00Pm. Add to cart. It is also rich in iron, thus it can help cure scurvy or anaemia. Poultry Litter management is a mixture of... Organic Rabbit Farming – Production, Raising Practices, Organic Shrimp Farming – Prawn Production Practices, Organic Pig Farming, And Production Guide, Organic Sheep Farming and Production Guide, Milkfish Farming, Culture Methods Of Milkfish, Raising Goats In The Backyard – A Complete Guide, Pig Feed Chart and Pig Weight Chart for Beginners, Goat Farm Business Plan in India – a Full Guide, Types of Fish Ponds for Fish Farming – a Full Guide, Pomfret Fish Farming, Types of Pomfrets – a Full Guide, Integrated Fish and Poultry Farming, Cost and Profits, Top 10 Banks for Poultry Farm Loan In India, Orange Farming, Planting, Growing, Care, Harvesting, Sesame Farming (Gingelly) Information Guide, Sandalwood Farming Project Report, Cost and Profit, Agriculture Borewell Permission and Subsidy in India, Kaju Cultivation Tips, Growing Methods in India, Almond Seed Germination, Time, Temperature (Badam), Cardamom Cultivation Income (Elachi), Project Report, Aquaponics Faq, System Information For Beginners, Sericulture Training; Silkworm Farming Training, India Agro Based Industries Types and Problems, Hybrid Coconut Cultivation; Yield; Varieties for Profit, Papaya Farming Project Report, Cost and Profit, Aquaculture Subsidy, Loan, Eligibility, License, Schemes, Snake Gourd Farming (Potla Kaya), Planting, and Care, Schemes for Sericulture Development (Subsides, Loans), Ecological Farming Benefits, Principles, Objectives, Growing Ginseng Herb, Farming, Cultivation Practices, Buckwheat Cultivation (Kuttu), Farming Practices, Vegetable Seed Rate, Seed Treatment, Seed Germination, Saffron Farming Information Guide For Beginners, Micro irrigation in Telangana, Subsidies – A Full Guide, Quail Farming Business Plan – A Beginners Guide, Gir Cows and HF Cows; Differences, Characteristics, Chia Seeds Cultivation (Sabja), Farming Practices, Hing Farming (Asafoetida), Cultivation Practices, Starting a Broiler Chicken Farm Business in India, G9 Tissue Culture Banana Cultivation, Farming Practices, Cotton Cultivation Project Report, Farming Cost, Profit, Chilli Farming Profit, Cost, Project Report (Pepper), Biofloc Fish Farming Advantages; Training in India, Cucumber Farming in Polyhouse (Kheera) for Profit, Greenhouse Farming Guide in India; Advantages, Gongura Farming(Roselle); Cultivation Practices, Zucchini Cultivation, Farming Practices In India, Frequently Asked Questions About Olive Farming (FAQs), Organic Pumpkin Farming, Cultivation Practices, Chrysanthemum Cultivation Information Guide, Water Chestnut Cultivation, Farming Practices, Kuroiler Chicken Breed Profile, and Characteristics, Organic Saffron Farming (Kesar), And Production Practices, Organic Avocado Farming, Cultivation, Growing Practices, Agriculture Export Policy, Import Policy in India, Polyhouse Farming Advantages and Disadvantages, Annual and Perennial Difference – A Complete Guide, Rohu Fish Farming Project Report, Economics of Rohu, Apple Fruit Drop Causes, Factors and Control Methods, Turmeric Diseases, Pests, Symptoms, Control Measures, NABARD Subsidy Schemes, Eligibility For Dairy Farm, Marigold Farming Information Detailed Guide, Onion Seed Germination, Time, Temperature, Procedure, Organic Papaya Farming – Cultivation, Production In India, Low-cost Agriculture Business Ideas for Beginners, Frequently Asked Questions About Dragon Fruit Farming, Greenhouse Farming Business Plan For Beginners, Land Preparation Types; Methods; Objectives; Advantages. You either eat it or apply it topically — this exotic fruit has a plethora of benefits for you. We have the widest variety available under one roof. Islamabad, 051-4020073 If you need any help, please contact us or send us an email.

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Dragon Fruit In Stock ₨ 1,090. Make your shopping at METRO and you can become one of out TOP customers, a status that will provide you various benefits! Make sure you have a thick layer under your eyes, and let it sit for 15 minutes. Free 2 hours fruit delivery is available in Karachi at this time. Our dedicated teams are always involved in bringing the best product to our shelves – thereby satisfying the needs of our customers. Avail Offer *In order to avail this offer your minimum order size should be Rs 500 Close Subziphal Delivers on Monday - Saturday From 10:00Am to 7:00Pm. METRO promises to bring you the best available Fruits and Vegetables in the market. Also, if you are looking for a natural moisturiser, count on the dragon fruit because 80 per cent of it is just water. - Online Grocery Shopping in Pakistan. Same Day and Next Day delivery option available. Leave it on for 15 minutes and then wash it thoroughly with cold water. We deliver grocery anywhere in Karachi. Organic Sheep farming poses challenges for farmers, who don’t have the choice of using... Introduction to Milkfish Farming in India We all know it is a rich source of vitamin C; this fruit can strengthen your immunity system. People think about getting backyard goats for several reasons such as for... Introduction to pig feed chart and pig weight chart A fish pond is a reservoir or controlled pond that is stocked with fish and is... Introduction to Pomfret fish farming The reason being, it is highly rich in vitamin C. All you have to do is scoop out the pulp and rub it on areas which have acne spots or active acne.

The pig farming business is one of the most sustainable industries in India. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Orders received by 9:00 am or before will be delivered on the same day (Except Sunday) 156-157, Block 3, BYJCHS, Karachi, Pakistan, Customer Support: Mon-Sat 10:00am - 9:00pm, 156-157, Block 3, BYJCHS, Bahadurabad Karachi, Pakistan. Add to cart. And since it is enriched with lycopene, too, it can maintain your cardiovascular health, and also prevent cancer. Apple is one of the most cultivated fruits in the entire world. Corporates as banks: What led to this recommendation, and why has it come in for criticism? Not only that, but it can also help in maintaining or losing weight because 80 per cent of it is water and it is a fruit which is heavily rich in fibre, thus making sure you have no problems in bowel movements. We serve you with daily fresh arrivals. Dragon Fruit Cultivation Information Guide. All rights reserved. Take advantage of the special credit card for Metro customers and enjoy all the benefits the card brings to you. Please enable cookies in your browser settings to continue.


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