Second, the best timing (Table 2.) The sawfly creates tunnels into these apples, leaving a hole in the side. Insecticides should not be applied right before harvest. MSU is an affirmative-action, equal-opportunity employer, committed to achieving excellence through a diverse workforce and inclusive culture that encourages all people to reach their full potential. For maximum effectiveness, Surround should be applied weekly to achieve full coverage of the fruit. Here is where harder fruits suffer plum curculio damage. While spraying dormant oil, agitate the oil-water mixture to keep them from separating. Injury caused by the plum curculio can be grouped into two categories: It is important to use cultural control practices such as clearing of fallen leaves and dropped fruit from under the fruit trees on a regular basis and discard properly.

These efforts link growing degree-days with key plum curculio control periods and registered USEPA defined reduced-risk and OP- alternative insecticides, to bracket ideal spray timings. Apply the first spray at 75 % petal fall and make 2 additional applications at 7-14 day intervals. This needs to be done when the fruit is very small, because later jarring of trees when the fruit is larger can cause the fruit to be knocked-off the tree. Barriers should be in place by the end of June, but loosened or removed after harvest to prevent girdling. Dormant oil can effectively control spider mites, pear psylla, pear leaf blister mites and scale insects, but not other insect problems. The eggs hatch into larvae that initially feed on the surface of the fruit. Michagan State University Extension, Fruit IPM Fact Sheet. Late season damage consists of small brown scabs of scarring on the skin due to adult feeding. In our pursuit of more effective plum curculio controls in both organic and conventional crop management, we have been building a plum curculio degree-day phenology model. After bloom until mid-July, adult female curculios lay eggs in fruit causing a characteristic crescent-shaped scar.

During hot, dry seasons, fewer individuals of the first generation reach maturity and the second generation rarely becomes large enough to inflict economic injury to peaches.

Careful inspection of the lower trunks in September and May can reveal sunken wood and loose bark where borers have invaded. MSU is an affirmative-action, equal-opportunity employer. Eggs hatch in two to twelve days, with the average being 5 days to hatch. If the flowering season is cool and dry, additional applications may be necessary. Two additional applications at seven to 10 day intervals are best. For those who would like an organic method for plum curculio control, jarring the insects from the trees and disposing of them is the only solution. John Wise, Nikki Rothwell, David Epstein, Larry Gut and Mark Whalon, Michigan State University Extension, Department of Entomology - White interior latex paint, diluted with water at a ratio of one part paint to one part water, can be painted on the lower two feet of the trunk to repel borers. Spray for plum curculio in soft fleshed fruits, like peaches and cherries, at the shuck split and first-cover stages. Additional information and alternative control measures for a variety of insect pests are available in Extension bulletins available at and University of Wisconsin Garden Facts fact sheets available at Larvae develop through four larval instars and the full grown larvae are 3/8 inch long.

Apply it one to three weeks after bloom for fruit thinning. Pp.191-192. If plum curculio infestation occurs and a rescue treatment is needed, organophosphates and neonicotinoids can provide curative action up to two weeks after plum curculio infestation, although in some cases dead cadavers can still be found in fruit. Surround™ is a clay-based repellent that is also certified for organic use.

Because plum curculio adults are feeding on tree parts during bloom and petal fall, we recommend Avuant be used at this petal fall timing. Insecticide for plum curculio should be sprayed at petal fall and first cover stage for hard fleshed fruits. Texas Cooperative Extension, Dallas, TX.


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