Assertive training given by clinical psychologists helps a lot to the victims of gender discrimination. Once students have read the case study, use the following questions to facilitate a discussion that will help students understand how common and harmful gender-related biases and discrimination can be, and allow students to think about solutions. By giving equal representation to both gender groups, science education will maintain interest and enthusiasm for learning from both male and females. The most important cause of more support to boys and sons is that they help in increasing and protecting the generation. These are the characteristics of a good woman as per the social norms. But if it is true it is exceptional. The availability of better and equal opportunity to women in the sphere of education may change their existing social roles to better ones. Out of these, 70% of the girls have 2 children (Census … Males should also get counselling and various psychological therapies to make themselves free from gender bias. Discrimination leads either positive or negative behaviour towards a particular group by another group not due to any genuine reason but because one belongs to a particular class, sex or community. Girls have to stay at home once they attain puberty and must be protected till they are marreid. Consider the alternative model: bankers were influenced by which gender was listed on the personnel le. They acknowledged that this was less favourable treatment. It encourages local communities, particularly women to play an active role in every aspect of the programme. The girl’s mother said the school principal had removed long pants from the winter uniform choices for female students, and that the school provided no option for girls to wear shorts during the summer. In a male dominated society where the woman is weak and in-secured, the question of women torturing men is not believable. All rights reserved. Women who are the victims of gender discrimination and gender bias should also get counselling and psychological training to assert their right. Contact is effective to a maximum degree when the status is equal between the in group and out group. (U. S. Supreme Court) Indian society still hasn’t been awakened to the importance of empowering the women. We will deal 35 les into the first stack, which will represent the 35 supervisors who recommended promotion. Being mistreated because of your gender is unfair and illegal. The equal treatment promoted in the schools ought to be able to transform the thinking within families. Secondly, because a girl is someone else property, parents usually don’t want to spend on her. Here education of the victimizer is discussed. By providing women social prestige gender discrimination can be reduced. The practice of female foeticide through sex selective abortion continues to be practiced in spite of the Prenatal Diagnostic Technique Act of 1994. 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Note that the distribution of these simulated differences is centered around 0. Then, as we did with the original data, we tabulate the results and determine the fraction of male sim and female sim who were promoted. Lastly, let women not remain among the `unreached', for today we have this very powerful technological option of going to them through distance education which is still not fully explored and utilised for women's education. At the hearing, the school accepted that its refusal to allow the man to wear an earring was discriminatory on the ground of sex. The study is an experiment, as subjects were randomly assigned a male le or a female le. While in this first simulation, we physically dealt out les, it is more efficient to perform this simulation using a computer. Summary: A woman approached a company to purchase some goods, and asked to make an appointment for a company representative to visit to do an in-home quote. In India the child sex ratio is at the lowest it has ever been with just 914 girls for every 1000 boys (Census, 2011). Errors do occur, just like rare events, and we might choose the wrong model. Through various attitude change techniques like identification, education, internalization, prestige suggestion, frame of reference, role playing techniques attitude of males against females can be changed from anti to pro. For such centres, there were two criteria — the students had to be girls from poor families. This prejudice suggests that men are viewed as capable where as women are by and large are viewed incapable. It is a new ideology for carrying democratic values in to the family and society. For more information contact us at or check out our status page at Firefox, or


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