“…the type of battle game Dragon Age fans have been craving to take on the road.” – Inside Mobile Apps, Violence, Blood, Suggestive Themes, Partial Nudity, DragonFly: Idle games - Merge Dragons & Shooting, Cookies help us deliver our services. His leadership skill gives crit chance to chaos, which means he can be the team leader by himself. I have a rare hero select ticket, who do I get? Nice guide though, would help new players a lot =). Dragon's Dogma level 200 pawns: Durske, Ranger; Willow, Support Mage. Check which supports you have. Jul 2, 2014 - Explore Xerks King's board "Heroes of Dragon Age" on Pinterest. But he's got a good design and was pretty cool in Dragon Age: The Calling. Which should I use? There are two normal supports which have an additional skill, focused on Boss killing. Dragon Age: Inquisition showcased both the best and worst of BioWare. Deckard, Cain, NerphymDeckard as leader to get at bonus and chance to burn, Cain as main shooter, tag between Cain and Nerphym for their buffs. I was very happy to learn what Oghren had been up to between Origins and Awakening, perfect writing for him by the writers. Good in arena due to her ability to hit the entire enemy team and freeze them as well. 30% attack passive and 30% attack tag skill. Her crit attack passive means she benefits a lot from crit chance and crit attack, and her lasers provide a lot of aoe dmg. Carsiana/Sain , Lexion, IvyCarsiana/Sain as leader to give the 10% crit chance bonus, Lexion is the main shooter. This confused me for awhile and led me to a few interesting non-conclusions. Maybe a playthrough of Leliana's Song will improve my opinion of her. You can check what team bonuses there are by clicking on the team bonus icon on the character page. Nerphym, Bloody Mary, RickyNerphym as leader to give the 10% crit chance bonus, Bloody Mary is the main shooter. A bit weak in Arena. Sain, Hina, SiriusSain as leader to give the 10% crit chance bonus, Hina as main shooter. or should I get Selena first, as a boss killer, and then get a general shooter ? You could have just gotten lex 3 times and got a lvl 51 lex which is far more useful. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the DragonHeroes community, Press J to jump to the feed. Isis does 800% dmg per second. Pretty much all end game teams are going to be filled with a rare heroes in it. You get the following bonuses: So yeah, it really adds a lot. Justice had the best look of any character in the game, even the wife of the man whose body he's using was terrified. Tag between Ivy and Bella for the buffs.This works for all the Pentadragon heroes. This is a little more complicated because you have to think about what end game team you are aiming for. You can only use one hero at a time, so it makes sense to get a strong hero with 2 support heros making him stronger. I'd say Sain is the better choice out of the two, due to the fact she buffs all pendragons while Carsiana only buffs light heroes. Pick the ones which give the most boosts. Shale: So you like to defecate on poor unsuspecting statuary. Anders was a funnier, more useful version of Alistair and came without the baggage that Alistair had. What team do I build!??!?!?! This makes Claire and Deckard very important late game, when you will be focusing on bosses. The pentradragon bonus I'm refering to is the Ancient Dragon bonus which gives 15% attack. The downside to that, blazer, is all the Runes you'll collect! You can sort and filter at will and compose the perfect team to face all the challenges of the game. Linon: When a fire attribute hero attacks, 5% chance of burning enemies. Not in any order, here are some sample teams. Lin is meant for Infinite mode. For example, A popular team is the Walpurgis Night combo, Bloody Mary, Nerphym, Ricky. 7316. ... Dragon of the Elder One. His leadership skill is great for leveling up other heroes. Carsiana, Lexion, IvyCarsiana as leader to give the 10% crit chance bonus, Lexion is the main shooter. Maybe swap a penta dragon in for more dmg? Shale: Stand far away from me elf, far, far away. So it wouldn't be of use to Bella. You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest. That's what I do: hoard gems until you have enough to do real damage on an event (>100 for 500th place or better, >250 gems for 250th place) that features a character prize that you want at the level you can afford. Like dont get a Lex, then get an abel, then get an hina. HELP??? Very crit dependent. Shale should've been in the game from the start, a good tank and a fellow hater of birds. Tag between Ivy and Lexion for the buffs. Known to be an Elf Warrior one day and a human Mage the next. I kid. Other then that, can use Deckard for 25% attack, and 3 chaos heroes gives Power of Darkness team bonus to get Crit hit dmg +20%. She is a bit crit dependent but can do a lot of damage with the right combo. In arena he has a low chance to trigger all 3 attack skills at once, and can instant wipe the team. It is up to the reader to look into what those "various bonuses" entails. So thank you for your work. The only downside is he has lower hp and defense, but that's usually not a problem. Raise & train an army of Dragons as you build an epic Kingdom to rule Atlantis! I was considering getting a chaos team, but since I got 2 6* Ellies and 1 6* Claire in like 3 days, I might as well run saint. Cars is optimal because of her passive which increases dmg by 30% to the team + ancient dragon set. Boom. His attack raises in relation to his defense, and scales better. ", (Upon finding the Urn of Sacred Ashes, to which Leliana, Alistair and Wynne treat as an once in a lifetime honour) "Congratulations, you've found a wastebin. etc. This is for the team bonus, and also for the 10% crit chance leadership skill.3rd hero, Choose a strong support who synergies with your team. Dragon Age: Inquisition picks up four years after the events of Dragon Age 2. She is pretty much the reason why Saint teams are so strong. She has good advice and the body model of a young woman, can't complain about that! Poor Jowan, he only realises what an idiot he is after he does mistake after mistake. It's just a bunch of random builds that I came up with, using the thought process I mentioned earlier. The game boasted a large, unforgettable cast of characters and a plethora of ways you could interact with them. It's just a pity that it caused the death of Duncan. I think the fact that I'm more interested in Wynne, play-style and body model explains why Leliana is so far down the list. He also sees Wynne's youthful model for what it is. Heroes of Dragon Age is a freemium mobile tactical role-playing game developed by Capital Games and published by Electronic Arts.It is a spin-off title utilizing collectibles based on characters and lore from the Dragon Age fantasy series. Other supports only give 30%. Similar to Lexion, with a stunning piercing attack. See if you have those heroes. Pendragon supports are focused on recovery and defense, when what you usually want is more offense. Console Launchapalooza: The PlayStation 5. A bit weak at clearing waves and arena. Asura is mainly used for leveling other heroes, he really shouldnt be you main shooter. 13225. 2 row stuns and one aoe one. Take Morrigan, give her Elven ears, take away the sarcastic humour and add unstable emotions and you have Velanna. Then come play Dragons World. Support. 2016-12-01. He'd make a great party member in DAII. Do you have a main shooter?No -> Get one of the 3 (Isis, Sylvia, Asura) I mentioned earlierYes -> Get another copy of normal heroes, get it to 48. or 51 etc.Alternatively you can get a support like Sirius or Ivy. Heroes of Dragon Age Android . Pick the one you like the most. Same for Chaos and Saint.


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