Employers much prefer to hire employees who are proven to take initiative and have the ability to act independently. You’re setting yourself up for failure and will not achieve the impossible. Examples of prioritization interview questions. That is pretty impressive if I do say so myself…. (5 Actionable Tactics). Since constant stress can have a negative effect on overall productivity, employers value team members who can find ways of relieving work-related stress. To make sure you understand that if you take the job, there is going to be a lot of pressure. I prefer to handle one project at a time. How do you prefer we handle a situation like that for example?”, This discussion will open up the lines of communication on how they prefer to be communicated with. Privacy Statement - I personally like to see decision making skills being practiced, I like to see that someone has confidence enough to take action independently (take initiative) and if I am not available the last thing I want to hear after the fact is: “Oh I didn’t do anything because I was waiting to hear back.”. If you haven’t gotten a chance to read that one, I recommend checking it out “What are you looking for in terms of compensation?”. This design is steller! Both having different issues but equally dire? You can also subscribe without commenting. Asking you this question, we try to see if you understand every aspect of your job, if you panic under pressure, if you actually know how to handle the situation. “Deadlines have always been more of a motivational tool. Is your company an Indeed Responsive Employer? Sometimes you can get a clear head by just writing down everything you need to do, putting it in a list of importance. Then I sit back and say, great job to my team and myself because we have done it again -- achieved what no other could achieve in the time and with the resources allocated. Everyone can claim they can handle deadlines, but why should the company believe you? Register now What is more, this is a behavioral question. But it doesn’t always work that way. In a job interview, a potential employer might ask you how you handle a situation when you are in the middle of working on a singular task, and you are asked to jump on something else at the same time. 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Get Fresh Updates On your job applications, and stay connected. I wrote a post HERE and created a video on how to handle conflicting priorities and multiple tasks. –. How To Deal With Conflicting Priorities and Multiple Tasks – Interview Question (With Examples) I wrote a post HERE and created a video on how to handle conflicting priorities and multiple tasks.. So the key is making sure that you are confident in your decision. Do so with confidence, otherwise the company may doubt your resolve. I think it makes sense to discuss why this question gets asked first.


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