Alison Callan, clarity & success coach shares everything about her group coaching program. Now, you need get people to know that it exists. • Your Instagram followers
 Creating deep accountability resolves all these issues. Here’s an example of an email sent by a friend, referring Matty to them: Whenever Matty got copied on an email like this, he would make sure to follow up with the person, like this: Normally through reaching out to friends and family, you can expect to gain 100 or so email subscribers. Make sure you read the rules of the group before posting your program. Post about your coaching program. I’m really excited by the idea of doing this! Keep it simple. Recommended send time: 11 AM central time on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. This should determine what to include in your coaching programme. That’s when it occurred to me that I could make sure people would be willing to pay a monthly fee in exchange for information, by offering a coaching program. How much access? For instance, you might want to try a subscription model where clients pay a monthly fee to continue coaching with you in your group program. One key lesson I learned is that the most effective way to get new clients in our coaching program was by telling the stories of people I had helped in the past. • Your Facebook friends
 Here is the basic script you can use for that: Hope the big conference went well last weekend. That could come in the format of free advice to friends or family. Set up your back-end systems. Required fields are marked *. Matty heard nothing for the next 24 hours. I do place an emphasis on values, helping clients understand what is important to them so usually my programmes of coaching do include fairly early on a values elicitation and some exploration of underlying beliefs so clients have a really firm foundation for making decisions and taking action. Do you prefer working with people over a longer period of time or do you like working with fresh faces as often as possible? If you normally call this person on the phone, call them. Ask your friends and family and follow up like crazy, do what it takes. Sidenote: Relationships are the single most valuable thing in life. Isabelle Grace Li on July 12, 2013 at 2:42 pm . We’ll get into launching your program in the next step, but one thing that’s worked well for us is limiting the number of spots we offer in the first launch. I would like to start a coaching program to help people do the same thing I’ve been doing (create habits out of eating healthy and exercising more). Here is a snapshot of an older version of our onboarding survey: Your Action Items:  Step #3: Collect 2 stories from people you’ve helped. But you also don’t want to avoid asking the people that like you the most not to help you. There are two things to keep in mind when deciding on the structure of your program: 1. You know people are starting to check out in your group program when you see attendance to your live coaching calls and engagement in your community space take a nosedive. They offer very short or month-long programs. Looking forward to hanging tomorrow! Matty didn’t have an email list There are a few potential responses to this message: Response #1: No response – For people that don’t respond within 5-7 days, you can give them a gentle nudge. Also, give them time. He questioned whether or not he should even send out his close cart email. Question #3: How many email subscribers should I have before launching a coaching program? Some weeks for example a client having struggled to achieve a particular goal may just want to spend time understanding more about themselves and their motivations, raising their own personal awareness rather than focus on taking specific action. You’ll need to decide what your program will include as well. There's a success ingredient that's in all great group coaching programs: Accountability. Meaning, if you emailed this out. Question #2: How long does your coaching program last? I've designed frameworks, created sales funnels, put together lead-in offerings to group programs, been a guest on other people's programs... And yes, I've also joined group coaching and mentorship programs as a participant. Action Item #2: Make sure you have all of your back-end processes in place and tested before launching your program. It’s basic human behavior. Nobody local! Whether you have a large email list, a small list, or no list at all – starting a coaching program can be a good option for you. Now, you’ll want to post about your program. I had never formally pitched my services to my list. Here are some questions to get you thinking: • An application? You’ve found a group filled with your ideal audience and you’ve read the group rules. Video recording of the call for the client to review any time, 3. This exercise doesn't have to be your final decision, but it's good to reflect on these questions before moving on to the next chapter: Accelerated Goal-Achievement in Coaching Groups. When I asked her to give a short testimonial, she was happy to. Action Item #1: Gather 2 client success stories from those who have worked with you previously. Step #4: Decide on your pricing structure. I’m thinking the program would like something like this: • We’d establish a #1 goal for the next 90 days (that might be a weight goal, exercise goal etc)
 Would a subscription model work for you and your business? In a little over 30 days Matty was able to hustle and get his list to 355 subscribers. Nothing happening at all. The next step is to offer these people a free week in the program if they fit these three criteria: Criteria #1: Did they indicate or insinuate a heavy personal interest in the program? Think it would be helpful for folks? Great work! In my own coaching sessions we do spend time at the outset exploring what overall outcomes the client wants from coaching and then more specifically what goals they want to be achieving along the way. A thought leader in the realm of group coaching she has been working with teams and groups since the late 1980s. Building The Framework for Your Group Coaching Program, Creating a Safe Space for Coaching Groups, High Engagement and Energy in Coaching Groups. If you navigate this step likely, it’s extremely likely that 2-3 people on your list will hire you to coach them. What does all of this have to do with building a coaching program? 2. Did you think it was too short, too long or just right? It’s obvious how powerful they really are! One thing I do ensure happens during a coaching programme is that time is taken out to stand back and review progress with my coachees and check whether any outcomes identified at the beginning of the programme are being met.


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