Similar posts regarding infrared thermometers have been debunked here, here, here, here, here and here.

Infrared thermometers, which are held near the forehead to scan body temperature without direct contact, point an infrared light directly at the head, exposing it to harmful radiation.

An unnamed nurse has been credited with discovering the easy way to remove ticks - but experts advise against following such "folk remedies'. Peter Saunders, a radiation thermometry research scientist at the Measurement Standards Laboratory of New Zealand, agreed and told AAP FactCheck via email: “An infrared thermometer… is a passive device that measures infrared radiation that is naturally emitted by all objects. Based on the evidence, AAP FactCheck found the claims in the Facebook post to be false. Dr Haris Sair, director of neuroradiology at Johns Hopkins University previously said the claims that infrared thermometers target the pineal gland and emit radiation were both false. It does not direct or emit any infrared ray at the target.”. The “Australian nurse” goes on to say (1min 25sec) that when it was her turn to be checked she, “took the gun that was being directed at my forehead and redirected it to my wrist. In this respect, an infrared thermometer is no more dangerous than any other everyday room-temperature item you would find in your surroundings,” he said. Obey. Some social media users are worried the Biosecurity Act could be used to enforce vaccinations. False – The claims in the post are factually inaccurate. Adjusted mode is a compensation for the difference between skin temperature and body core temperature. Prof Anderson explained the pineal gland is “embedded centrally in the skull, between the two hemispheres of the brain”. A Facebook post claims that infrared thermometers, held near the forehead to scan body temperature, pose a potential health risk to the pineal gland.

A Facebook post claims that infrared thermometers, held near the forehead to scan body temperature,  pose a potential health risk to the pineal gland. Regarding the post’s claims, Professor Greg Anderson from the Centre for Neuroendocrinology at New Zealand’s University of Otago told AAP FactCheck in an email that infrared thermometers do not target the pineal gland, nor do they pose a risk to it. Maori Party co-leader John Tamihere claims high levels of Maori imprisonment is costing the NZ government dearly. The Facebook post inaccurately claims scanning a person’s forehead using an infrared thermometer poses a risk to the pineal gland. The post reads, “Protect your pineal gland (sic) Do not allow the scanning of your forehead for a temperature check (sic) Insist that they scan the fold of your elbow or your wrist to gain your temperature which is more accurate as well”. The device converts this heat energy into an electrical signal which shows the unit of temperature on a display screen. I… told the employee that an infrared thermometer must never be pointed at someone’s forehead, especially babies and young children”. “The non-contact infrared thermometer doesn’t emit so the pineal gland is unaffected,” said the professor, a research scientist and lecturer with expertise in neuroscience. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is set to resign due to a worsening of his chronic health condition, national broadcaster NHK says. The post’s video features a man reading a copied post in which “an Australian nurse” says she had a sudden realisation: “Are we being desensitised to be targeted at the head and also causing potential health issues by aiming an infrared ray to the pineal gland?”. Wives traditionally asked their husbands to pardon their mistakes of the past year, according to internet folklore. Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters says New Zealand's superannuation system is among the world's most affordable. Have New Zealand's carbon emissions increased over the past three years under the Labour-led government? The thermometer detects body temperature by measuring the infrared energy being emitted by the skin on the forehead. Infrared thermometers do not emit infrared rays and radiation, they measure the infrared radiation emitted by a person or an object. “As a comparison, it works in a similar way to a camera – collecting and focusing infrared energy emitted by the target onto a detector inside the device. The August 16 Facebook post by a New Zealand user has been shared more than 70 times and generated more than 90 reactions. AAP is accredited by the Poynter Institute’s International Fact Checking Network and adheres to its rigorous protocols. Infrared thermometers don’t emit radiation into the brain; they sense heat emitted by the body. The Instagram post has been liked by more than 240 users. NSW has recorded 13 new cases of COVID-19, with four schools closed and the Sydney CBD gym cluster increasing to 14 infections. A similar post on Instagram shows two pictures, one of a brain illustration and another of a man with an infrared thermometer pointed at his forehead. Centre for Neuroendocrinology at New Zealand’s University of Otago, Measurement Standards Laboratory of New Zealand, Dr Haris Sair, director of neuroradiology at Johns Hopkins University. Yes, an infrared laser thermometer is safe to point at someones head, and won't impact your pineal gland. They also do not target the brain’s pineal gland, two experts told AAP FactCheck.


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