Handleless kitchen cabinets are coming up to become kitchen trends in 2020. As part of this Amazon Associates program, the Website will post customized links, provided by Amazon, to track the referrals to their website. Shades of blue will continue to be popular in the new year. But other expanding color options are also available for appliances. Some struggle with catching up on the chaos and wish to shut the door on the mess. Home / Blog / Kitchen Trends To Watch in 2020. Open kitchen layouts encourage interaction and entertainment with their blend of living spaces. If you search for “kitchen trends 2020” in your chosen search engine, you’ll find many articles making statements or predictions about what’s coming in, or giving early warnings about what is going out. My best guess is that both parties got their points. Consumers continue to reject mass-produced goods and embrace the look and sustainability of reclaimed and artisan-made products. Jan 7, 2020 Aaron Leitz. Something like nickel for your knobs, a cool brass or matte white for your faucet. – That statement is one of the controversies. Required fields are marked *. The advantage of racks over open shelving is that you don’t need to style them, they do the job for you, and you store everyday items in them, not your collectibles, so less dusting is needed. Actually, it seems that blue is the new neutral. Copyright © 2020 Love your Family Home. Written by. Open-plan kitchens are here to stay. A kitchen needs timeless features and accents and should serve the people living in it by all means, not design trends. Her career has taken her from an assistant editor at Elle magazine to a content creator for brands and publishers including Realtor.com, MTV Networks, and Bustle. To sum up, 2020 kitchen trends are all about natural stones and noble woods in a minimalist setting. Racks are wonderful space-savers especially when mounted on the wall over the sink because they do double-duty as drying racks, saving you time and preventing breakage. I'm glad you're here! Save this post to your Kitchen Board on Pinterest! This hue is great for kitchens, too. And definitely get less to dust. Push-open and close doors work for both wall and base cabinets. Your email address will not be published. Fast forward to 2020 and the kitchen has a much different role. The blue color family is extremely versatile. The kind of kitchens you want to spend time in because they truly reflect the person who cooks and spends time in the space. Facebook; Twitter; Deirdre Sullivan is a feature writer who specializes in home improvement and interior design. 12 Top Trends In Kitchen Design For 2020. The color in a kitchen should last for at least five years, so choose a color that will keep you feeling good and calm long term. The alternative for open shelving is glass cabinet doors. Well, the golden mean is golden. If you prefer not to have push-open cabinets, then recessed handles provide the same sleek look and can be lined with contrasting colors and materials to add interest. Build wall ovens and other appliances into the cabinetry for a streamlined effect and a more cohesive look. In white kitchens, people seem to be taking more risks with colors and textures these days, too. Designers Share Their Favorite Kitchen Trends for 2020. According to predictions, plate racks are coming (back) to kitchens in 2020. If space isn’t an object, big and large families will find this idea especially useful. Learn how your comment data is processed. Don’t follow all the ideas blindly, though, but use the information to learn, peruse and find new pieces for your kitchen creating puzzle to genuinely reflect YOU, eventually. This trend is still coming up and has a good chance to stay, because these things add the most character and personality to the space. Some people manage to have clean kitchens and embrace open-concept in order to be closer to their family and friends. Being matchy-matchy is on its way out. Shallow coffers are good for small spaces, and moldings complement the shape of an island or workspace. With the move towards larger kitchens in open-concept spaces, the kitchen island has become an essential kitchen feature. Just remember, that when it comes to kitchens, it is mandatory to make choices that reach beyond (controversial) trends. It can be confusing, yet you don’t have to be baffled. They give a more pared-back, streamlined look for modern and transitional kitchens. Make sure that the color you chose fits the rest of your kitchen design and you’re ready to look at it for many, many years. The choice about open or closed plans must be made based on your personal needs and habits and not on uprising or fading trends. Fortunately, color trends don’t limit your chances to find your unique style. It creates a cleaner look and helps with giving more storage space to cabinetry because you don’t have to give an interior shelf to the molding. Slab backsplash is still uprising to 2020 kitchen trends, too. I’m Kamilla. If you prefer not to have push-open cabinets, then recessed handles provide the same sleek look and can be lined with contrasting colors and materials to add interest. Move over, carrara marble—it's all about calacatta this year. They give a more pared-back, streamlined look for modern and transitional kitchens. It is still on the rise – for decades now, I guess – because integrated appliances allow total design freedom and give style to the kitchen. So why should you look into the latest trends if you’re not up to any fads? In 2020 kitchen trends, accent ceilings in the kitchen are gaining traction. Open shelving has been trendy for a while now. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. All rights reserved. Statement hardware is getting ditched for going minimalist. Designers have identified fresh kitchen trends for 2020. Especially if it’s about kitchens. This way, cabinetry gets broken up, you get to display your favorite pieces, but don’t have to bother about matching pieces and shelf designing rules. Add a fun hit of color, wallpaper, or wood paneling to add dramatic flair to the space. It leads your eye up from the counter and helps make a room feel larger. By Emma Bazilian.


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