Citri-Tini The Citri-tini is a green cocktail made from Smirnoff lime vodka, orange vodka, sour mix and pineapple juice, and … What would you like to make today? Ingredients. The Cherry Martini cocktail recipe is made from Burnett's cherry vodka, lime vodka and lime juice, and served in a chilled cocktail glass. Using a chopping board and a sharp knife, cut a lemon wedge for a garnish. } (function() { Take pride in who you are and everything you love with the award-winning* quality of Smirnoff Love Wins Original No. The new flavors come after a lot of consumer research. *Original No. Be the first to review “Smirnoff Lime Vodka 70cl”. mai 4 2019, 11:09 pm. “We hope our brand is one of those that gets people saying ‘Oh, yeah, I should try this.’”. window.mc4wp.listeners.push({ Choose the spirits, mixers and garnish you already have at home and we’ll find recipes that match. forms : { This page is perfect for people who like delicious things or looking at colorful bottle pictures. The Bloody Mary Redesigned is a modern take on the classic hangover medicine, the Bloody Mary. You should always read the labels, warnings and instructions provided with the product before using or consuming it and not solely rely on the information presented on our website. Squeeze and drop into glass and serve. Citri-Tini The Citri-tini is a green cocktail made from Smirnoff lime vodka, orange vodka… The Key Limeade is a green and yellow colored cocktail recipe made from Burnett's limeade vodka, vanilla vodka and pineapple juice, and served in a chilled cocktail glass. All Rights Reserved, This is a BETA experience. Great drinks for people who like great vodka and great times and using the word 'great'. Which variety would you like to review? A new seasonal pack and a relationship with the Bachelor franchise is driving sales at Smirnoff ... [+] Seltzer. 54 reviews. Privacy & Cookies Notice. Use a jigger and measure 50ml Smirnoff Lime Flavoured Vodka and pour into a tall glass over ice cubes. Made from Burnett's lime vodka, triple sec and lime juice, and served over ice in a margarita glass. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Per 11.2 fl. Product description. It is produced by adding the natural lime flavour from fruit to an exceptionally smooth vodka distilled from the finest grains, then filtered ten times through seven columns of charcoal in a unique process. “In the flavor spaces, lemon lime and raspberry are classic flavors that are highly appealing across our portfolio and across categories. Featured Most Recent Highest Grade Lowest Grade Most Helpful With Photo Test Verified. Get some grub in before or while you’re drinking – it slows alcohol Simply mix with soda water, cranberry juice or orange juice for a quick & easy cocktail. if (!window.mc4wp) { Smirnoff Lime is a premium green lime flavoured Vodka. Smirnoff wants “to steal you for a seltzer.”, “One way we’re supporting our new variety and fall seltzer packs is our official sponsorship of the Bachelor Franchise,” says Krista Kiisk, brand director of Smirnoff. } Triple distilled, this 70 proof specialty spirit is smooth enough to enjoy on the rocks or in a round of shots. The new seasonal pack replaces the red, white and berry summer seasonal pack phases out. Ready to Drink. The Key Lime Pie Martini is a yellow colored drink made from exotic flavors including Smirnoff vanilla vodka, Smirnoff lime vodka, coconut milk, lime juice and simple syrup, and served in a chilled cocktail glass. I cover the indulgence of all things distilled, fermented and brewed. “The early (numbers) of our new product’s sales have been great results, and early indications are that this will continue to do well for us and build on the success of red, white and berry,” Kiisk says. } 21 Vodka. SMIRNOFF™ Raspberry. 8% alcohol conveniently in a can. Your email address will not be published. ice smash lemon + lime. Smirnoff Lime is infused with a natural lime flavor for a refreshing citrus taste. Learn more. Previous. I am an award-winning writer and author of a dozen books, including the critically acclaimed Drink Like a Woman (Seal Press 2016) as well as The Joy of Cider (Skyhorse Publishing 2019) and Wisconsin Cocktails (University of Wisconsin Press 2020). Smirnoff Lime is a premium green lime flavoured Vodka. While the contestants are trying to steal Tayshia for a date, we want to steal consumers for a seltzer.”, Smirnoff Seltzer is the "Official Hard Seltzer of Bachelor Nation," with their new "Can We Steal You For A Seltzer?" It’s time to get mixing! © 2020 Forbes Media LLC. It is an ultra smooth vodka with a classic taste that has inspired other varieties of vodkas worldwide. }); By Autumn Y. Alex City, AL. Expect to see some humorous spots with Dave Baustista, and go  here to see them. 1.5 oz of SMIRNOFF™ Raspberry. [print-me pause_before_print="2000" printicon="false" target=".printonly" do_not_print=".noprint" title="Print"]. callback: callback Pour over ice + Stir and enjoy. Using a chopping board and a sharp knife, cut a lemon wedge for a garnish. “The new packaging is more standout, and it will draw more attention in the store,” Kiisk says. “We’ve always been known for our flavors, and we know flavor,” Kiisk says. Privacy & Cookies Notice. Home  |  Drinks by Color  |  Drinks by Glass  |  Drinks by Ingredient  |  Drinks by Name. Other flavors, like peach and blackberry, are really interesting flavors that are unique to what’s out there.”. Vodkas & Flavors. The “Can I steal you for a seltzer?” campaign will support some new offerings in the Smirnoff Seltzer lineup: a new variety pack of lemon lime, orange, berry lemonade and black cherry and a seasonal fall/winter variety pack of peach, cranberry lime, raspberry and blackberry. Top up with 125ml lemonade. The Appleknocker Martini is a vibrant green cocktail perfect for Halloween parties or any Fall event. HomeHistoryVodkas & FlavorsReady to DrinkRecipesWhere toBuy. This variant is made from Finlandia lime vodka, ginger, lime juice, Tabasco sauce, Worcestershire sauce, tomato juice, and salt and pepper, and served in a rocks glass. 21 Vodka. ALL FLAVOR.ZERO SUGAR. enjoy neat, on ice or with a mixer ina  cocktail. Squeeze and drop into glass and serve. Take pride in who you are and everything you love with the award-winning* quality of SMIRNOFF. The peach flavor, in particular, she says, is a favorite of some of the brand’s influencers. Smirnoff Red White & Berry Limited Edition Vodka Flavored Vodka 50ml Bottle Add to wishlist Smirnoff Raspberry Vodka Flavored Vodka 1.75L Bottle Or enter in your combination of ingredients to select a great drink. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.


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