As of this date, Scribd will manage your SlideShare account and any content you may have on SlideShare, and Scribd's General Terms of Use and Privacy Policy will apply. (look at sth/sb again), Looking back on those days, we had a very happy life. } He only ... ... for himself. ", "You should take him out to the new Chinese restaurant. put something off / separable phrasal verb = postpone or delay. Congratulations! Phrasal verbs also have idiomatic meanings - meanings that are less obvious or impossible to guess from the individual words (but you might be able to guess from the context).

We use your LinkedIn profile and activity data to personalize ads and to show you more relevant ads. ", "She stood at the window and ... ... at the garden. ", "Could you buy some coffee? ", "My dentist ... ... three of my teeth. k++; This worksheet has been carefully graded for second language learners. var k = 0;

x.innerHTML = example[i]; ", "Look out!


This was a difficult quiz because the phrasal verbs were idiomatic. function newQ2() { ham something up / separable phrasal verb = act like a clown, make jokes by exaggerating.

(take sth out = obtain an official financial service, usually insurance or a loan), She stood at the window and looked out at the garden. Start studying Phrasal Verbs - Literal and Idiomatic. a group of words that functions as a verb and is made up of a verb and a preposition, an adverb, or both. ", "These are really old shoes but they’re holding up quite well.

", " I always look out for my younger sister. Many verbs in English can be combined with an adverb or a preposition, a phrasal verb used in a literal sense with a preposition is easy to understand.

v.innerHTML = "You've finished reviewing these words. Don't worry, learn how to recognize phrasal verbs and whether they are separable or inseparable. = inseparable.

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This was a difficult quiz because the phrasal verbs were idiomatic. var definition2 = ["think about something in the past", "obtain an official financial service", "put one thing inside another, insert", "leave suddenly or quickly", "delay sth/sb", "remove sth/sb from somewhere", "a warning to be careful", "invite sb to go somewhere socially with you", "hold something in a higher position", "spend time/money/effort doing something", "look outside", "install something, fix it in place", "think about sb and do things to make sure they are well", "look at sth/sb again (after looking somewhere else)", "use sth completely so that nothing is left", "remain strong or in quite good condition, after time"]; Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Click on the question to see the answer. Verb and adverb constructions are also easy to understand when used literally. q.innerHTML = definition2[j]; ", "You should ... ... insurance if you are going on holiday. Punoi : Jetlira Bytyqi. If it's easy, remove it from the flashcards. ", "These are really old shoes but they’re ... ... quite well.

(put sth in = install sth, fix it in place), My boss expects me to put in at least 10 hours a day! Come back tomorrow and try the next set of flashcard questions for these phrasal verbs. } ";} If it was easy, you can remove it from the set of cards, otherwise click needs more practice to save it and see the next one. else if (example2.length === 0) { ", "Our flight was held up due to bad weather. ), I always look out for my younger sister. ", "The professor held up the picture so everyone could see it. Can you guess what these mean?

if (i==example.length||i>=example.length) { There was no one there. x.innerHTML = "You've finished reviewing these words. (Idiomatic) 5.

Don't worry, learn how to recognize phrasal verbs and whether they are separable or inseparable. w.innerHTML = phrasalVerbs[k]; ", "We were held up by heavy traffic. You can change your ad preferences anytime. crank something out / separable phrasal verb = do something very quickly often used with large quantities.

firstExample.splice(k,1); x.innerHTML = example[i]; We looked after our friend's house for the weekend. q.innerHTML = "Well done.

This is the phrasal verbs section of Busy Teacher, a website full of resources for ESL teachers.There are currently 182 worksheets that deal with this topic and can help your students practice using related material.

hash something out / separable phrasal verb = discuss in great detail. function removeEasy2() { ", "Looking back on those days, we had a very happy life.

when the meaning of a group of the words cannot be understood based on the meaning of each individual word. ", "He heard a noise and ... ... at the house, but there was no one there. example2.splice(j,1);

", "You should take out insurance if you are going on holiday. ", "Are you holding up ok after the divorce? For example in the phrasal verb "move back." function nextExample() { We've run out of chocolate! Now test yourself with the question flashcards below. i=0; He is inviting trouble if he quarrel with the house owner. ", "He ... too much milk ... my coffee. = inseparable. } ", "How much is it to ... ... a new bathroom? v.innerHTML = firstExample[k]; Shelley put her down at the party, so she left the room.

Then I took them out again. harp on something or someone / inseparable phrasal verb = continually complain about something. var answer2 = ["You should think about the future, don't keep looking back.

} x.innerHTML = "You've finished reviewing these words.


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