I like to start at Oct rather than in june. How can I change the Gantt Chart so it start showing in Nov, 2009, I mean the bar side  that start in Jun, 2009. Thanks. I already changed the grid display on Gantt to show W1, W2,..., Wn instead of dates, but near the milestones there is still displayed the milestone's date. ONE external link again as a predecessor, ALL tasks (even the ones not linked !) Actually, there are multiple answers (or multiple options, rather) for the question: How do you add dates to a Gantt chart in Microsoft project? Do you mean a dynamically linked master with inserted subprojects? I have someone I'm helping that's using 365 that says these items were tried and it still doesn't help him. That action sounds like there may be a link fragment (i.e. If you look at the Gantt bars in the Gantt Chart view of your project, if the Gantt bars are a turquoise color, Should I open a ticket at Microsoft? The file may be damaged. Switching it to Auto mode DID NOT help, until used "fill down" option to change all the sub tasks in that summary task to automode Copyright © 2020 Bright Hub PM. Click this button and select the Auto Scheduled option. All "Actual Start+Finish" dates are N/A ... all constraints are gone ... still same result: If I open the file "alone" without the others which are included in the multiproject, it shifts the date to the left (correctly). Supports over 40+ diagram types and has 1000’s of professionally drawn templates. Go to Project menu and to Project Information. Yes, I'm talking about one "container" project, containing 12 subprojects. May be I will strip it down and then he will agree. I need to change my project start date to Dec. 7 instead of Dec. 1. I see this is almost a year later than your post, but THANK YOU!! https://social.technet.microsoft.com/wiki/contents/articles/30143.ms-project-why-a-successor-task-s-start-date-may-not-directly-follow-a-predecessor-task-s-finish-date.aspx. What the heck am I doing wrong? In the Tasks section of your Task Another way you can do it is by opening up the project wizard and completing step 1 to set the project start date. Do you have a support contract with Microsoft? Not so easy situation here. If I delete the predecessor, the task still does not move. - Go to the advanced tab and select the deadline date like below: - You will see a green arrow appear to mark the deadline to your Gantt chart and if you finish the task after the deadline a read mark will appear near the task. I checked all settings, no change. © Copyright 2020 Orangescrum. Right-click anywhere in the chart portion of the Gantt Chart view and then click Gridlines. PMO Project Manager Leadership Development, EVMS System Description and Process Development, Integrated Baseline Review (IBR) Preparation and Conduct, Integrated Master Schedule (IMS) Health Check, Action Plan Development for Progress Assessment Reviews, WBS Guidelines for Government Acquisition Programs (MIL-STD 881D), Risk Management Maturity Assessment® (RMMA), Corporate Governance Portfolio Management, New Product Development Portfolio Management, Primavera P6 Knowledge Transfer, Mentoring and Coaching, Deltek Cobra Knowledge Transfer, Coaching and Mentoring, Building an Integrated Master Schedule (IMS), Integrating Microsoft Project with Deltek Cobra, Migrating From Microsoft Project To Oracle Primavera P6, Microsoft Project to Primavera P6 Conversion Service, Oracle Primavera P6 BI Publisher Fundamentals Training Class. I'd first try method 3 of the cited reference or if that doesn't help, bite the bullet and start I wonder how many other corrupted task attributes/fields are lurking under the hood ready to cause an issue. Under the general section, you can see the option to define the start and end date. And if i close the connected file with the predecessor and press F9 again - it moves! I'm just trying to cover the bases. For discussing all these options we will use the following Gantt charts (Project-A and Project-B) to help explain the features: Specifying the start or finish date and duration: You can select the start or the finish date and duration of a task. When done, Project 2010 should be version 14.0.7176.5000 which is the November 2016 Public update, the last update for Project 2010 (Microsoft Only if I close the file with the predecessors, the date jumps to the left. Hope this helps, if not you then others with this problem. Get weekly updates with proven, actionable tips to help you lead your team. What exactly did you do? Funny thing: "Respect Links" moves it back, F9 moves it forward again. I have been copying task which has been randomly carrying over actual start dates for few of them (where i may have set You can use single or multiple options from the various options discussed here if you want to dates to Gantt charts in Microsoft Project depending upon your project requirements.


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