I was having much of the same frustration you are feeling. Please note that you will have no access to the current MSDN Subscriptions on their worst new portals. As for the old MSDN portal retirement. The subscription is active and can be used as soon as it has been assigned from within the Visual Studio Administrator portal. https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/getsupport?oaspworkflow=start_1.0.0.0&wf=0&wfName=capsub&productkey=visualstudio&locale=en-us. Additionally, it seems Microsoft no longer Select your name in the upper right corner of the Subscriber Portal. They don't support ISVs. The content you requested has been removed. You can select any issue type - and your country (Japan). My colleague, Percy is currently on leave. You can easily change the contact information and preferences in your profile. We've checked and seen here that this issue must be handled by our technical support team for further assistance. calling a scam site. The content you requested has been removed. It would be good if Microsoft at least gave a minimal list of the endpoints required to use MSDN and Visual Studio. Yes, I am certain about the mail. I can't find any of my hundredths of license keys I had since 2008 at least. All developers (several hundred) in my company lost access to the new site because it requires logging into login.microsoftonline.com which gives access to Outlook 365 and other services that my company can't allow. MSDN Platforms Azure services, software, and support The most comprehensive set of resources for IT & Operations staff and non-.NET developers to test, deploy, and manage great applications across platforms and devices. I have been developing using Microsoft products since the beginning of DOS. For groups of users, you have choices for how you assign subscriptions. I have contacted the VS Support and I am waiting for their reply. We’re sorry. If you choose to close your Microsoft Account or Azure AD, your personal data will be anonymized immediately. https://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/64b37019-90cf-4633-a4c6-349512c33427/activating-subscription-with-work-email-and-subscription-id?forum=msdnfeedback. It will be fixed soon. BizSpark Portal - https://portal.startups.microsoft.com/. The Migration is not yet completed. BTW, I just noticed that the toll free number in the response you posted, 1800 11 11 00, is missing a digit. I hope to expect an easy browsing like old MSDN portal. portal between 9:00 pm (PST) 3 October and 9:00 pm (PST) 4 October, while we complete the migration. After 4 October 2016, you need to go to the Your subscriber can sign into the Visual Studio Subscribers portal or VS IDE right away, and will receive a welcome email letting them know the subscription has been assigned. MSDN Subscriptions Feedback https: ... Disabling the MSDN portal and creating another one which is barely functional won by a landslide.-Amongst other great ideas on the board meeting was to create a Windows Store Skype application and make it the default over the "Desktop" version. Please ask your contact what non Microsoft solutions we should migrate to if we need a secure environment. As near as I can tell the response you received was get used to it. and reliable. Visual Studio Subscription portal - https://my.visualstudio.com/subscriptions These subscriptions contain all the benefits available in a Visual Studio subscription including the Visual Studio IDE, Azure DevOps, and Azure DevOps Server as well as all of the other services, tools, software and downloads, and training and support benefits. It was therefore reasonable to believe that the 18004195666 number was for the US. Please kindly allow me to answer all the questions related to this issue: -Yes, we, at Microsoft, had a board meeting to decide how to downgrade the quality of our services. Even if both accounts use the same email address, you need to add your work/school account as an alternate to use your benefits across both accounts. https://msdn.microsoft.com/Areas/Epx/Content/500.aspx?aspxerrorpath=%2fsubscriptions%2fmanage%2fhh442900, Got 'Unable to Service Request', but in the top right hand corner there is a link 'MSDN Subscriptions', Clicked that and it took me to my.visualstudio.com and 'This page can't be displayed', Also tried /downloads and /downloads/featured - still the same issue. Yes i have received the reply. Disabling the MSDN portal and creating another one which is barely functional won by a landslide. As a Visual Studio subscriptions admin, you can use the admin portal to assign subscriptions to individual users and groups of users. Here's their contact number : 18004195666, Rest assured that they'd be able to assist you with your concern accordingly.". What Happended To The Subscriber Downloads Page? Really frustrating. It may be expired. Failing to do that implies that the phrasing of the email was to deliberately deceive US customers into Did anyone at Microsoft do any customer analysis before they went to the new "portal"? Visit our UserVoice Page to submit and vote on ideas! For example, if you sign in to a Visual Studio Professional subscription with your work/school email and have a Visual Studio Dev Essentials membership associated with your Microsoft Account, you will only see the subscription corresponding to the email address you used to sign in to the Subscriber Portal. A search of the new site is difficult to say the least and doesn't yield what I want. I am a developer and need to be able to easily reinstall it. I pay a lot for my MDSN subscription but it does not include DEV Express. You’ll be auto redirected in 1 second. Try this, they buried it wayyyyyy in there - https://msppdd.microsoft.com/msppdd/Home. So, it's just a waste of time waiting for them. In the meantime how do I down load installation material for Office Professional Plus 2016? Depending on which Visual Studio subscription you have, a wide variety of Microsoft software titles may be available to you. It appears that Microsoft is abandoning everyone. https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/subscriptions/downloads/ Are you sure the response you posted actually came from someone at Microsoft? I suppose it is normal due to the migration to new Visual Studio Subscriptions Portal. I hope that you are from US. I need the same download to repair a crashed system and the download link is invalid. Also please note that the toll free number "18004195666" is for Microsoft India Support. 10/26/2020; 2 minutes to read; In this article. I am now getting the feeling that Microsoft wants to get rid of developers and they are sure doing the most they can to do that. Managing subscriptions. If it's not broke, don't fix it! It may be associated with a different email address. on the downloads page, it is still available to you. If you run machines in a sandbox -- no internet connections -- you cannot install Microsoft products for testing and development. https://www.visualstudio.com/subscriptions/support/. provide ISO's which means that Visual Studio 2017 will not install because the online installer (exe) requires access to sites that have been blocked by the company's proxy. You can make changes to your identity information, and you can associate your subscriptions with other sign-in identities from existing Azure accounts or Azure DevOps organizations using alternate identities. Benefits of subscriptions include access to developer tools, cloud services and software, training, and support for your development and testing needs. Once you have added an alternate account, you can update or remove it at any time by selecting the Subscriptions tab and choosing the appropriate option in the Related Links section. I have confirmed both the toll free numbers are working just fine. Learn more about managing Visual Studio subscriptions: Microsoft Products and Services Agreement (MPSA), Select the drop-down in the top right and choose the subscription from the list, Select the Subscriptions tab and then select the desired subscription. Same here, I think the whole my.visualstudio.com site is down... My faith it Azure is increasing by the minute! Once you’ve uploaded the file, you will see a notification letting you know it was successful. Specifically, I need a windows 10 product key for a development VM I am created. Please Retail subscriptions can be transferred to another user by contacting Customer Service. How Went there and it is terrible. Volume License: If your company buys subscriptions through a Volume License, your admin should contact a reseller to renew your subscriptions. Here is the link, https://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/azure/en-US/237697e9-8504-4686-a19b-642cb3fd7393/how-to-contact-visual-studio-subscription-support-step-by-step-tutorial-w-screenshots?forum=msdnfeedback, If my reply is useful please mark it as answered as it help other users with the same query. And that's how I feel about Microsoft. number is for India. Yes, why not to spend more of my time to make Microsoft's business run smoother. MSDN Subscriptions is now Visual Studio Subscriptions. I am a Microsoft Partner, MVP and MCC and I want to become One Day Microsoft CEO. my.visualstudio.com/downloads to access your downloads using the same email address.


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