Indoor. Solved! Model number FastMile 5G Gateway Manufacturer. USB 3.0 Type A port. WiFi Capability. You can buy a Nokia beacon from suppliers like Amazon. 01/05/2019, … The Nokia FastMile 5G Gateway maximizes indoor coverage with Nokia WiFi using Nokia’s intelligent mesh technology. Main functions: 5G high gain antenna, automated antenna alignment, gain in n78: 11 dBi maximum. Connectivity interfaces: Wi-Fi (802.11b/g/n, 802.11ac) 1x GigE WAN port . 5G; Deploy 5G Network; 5G Partners; 5G Use cases; 5G end-to-end technology; 5G for optical networks; Experience; Fixed for 5G; IP for 5G; Operations. Operations; Operational challenges of COVID-19; Student portal; Analytics and insights. Date of introduction. Technical specifications. Installation guide (48 pages) Gateway Nokia M1112 … 1 Gbit; Routing capability. Multiband omni antenna for LTE. 5G. 5g gateway (59 pages) Gateway Nokia DSL Gateway High-Speed Internet Connection User Manual. 3x GigE LAN ports. Gateway Nokia FastMile 5G-24W-A User Manual. Nokia; Device type. ‎07-07-2020 04:09 PM. Low-band; Mid-band (Sub 6GHz) Ethernet connectivity. A powerful piece of CPE, it maximises spectral assets and uses the industry’s highest gain (11 dBi) antenna to deliver up to twice the indoor coverage, three times the downlink capacity and five times the uplink capacity than that of traditional CPE designs. Router; Band/frequency locking . As a plug-and-play solution, the Nokia FastMile 5G Gateway is simple to install. Nokia FastMile 5G Gateway. What is the default user id and password to get into settings for the Nokia 5g Fastmile gateway? However, any Nokia beacon purchased by a customer will work with the Nokia Fastmile 5G Gateway supplied by Optus. Unknown. Solved: Go to Solution. All I want to do is rename my SSID and create a new password but can't see default username and password on the router or any documentation so can't login? WiFi 6 (802.11ax) 5G network capability. 0 Kudos Reply. FastMile 5G Gateway physical dimensions: Height: 240 mm (9.4 in) Width: 140 mm (5.5 in) Weight: 2.2 kg (4.9 lb) SIM card: size: 4FF/nano. NSA (Non-Standalone) Supported network bands. All forum topics ; Previous; Next; 4 Replies Highlighted. Dsl gateway high-speed internet connection user manual (44 pages) Gateway Nokia AD-42W User Manual. As a plug-and-play solution, the Nokia FastMile 5G Gateway is simple to install. Wireless audio gateway (7 pages) Gateway Nokia NBB5005000 - IP VPN 5i Installation Manual .


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