When I started play him, rest of the group came to meet a gang leader who had a thing they needed. But formally, tyrant doesn't necessitate evil, it just historically is. As he gains power he will see himself as a righteous enforcer of the "world of god" and will become more and more intolerant with other beliefs. When an evil warlord gathers the goblin tribes together into a huge horde, the other paladins gather to stop them, slay the warlord, scatter the goblin army back into the wilderness. most often when mages talk, but is clever bastard solving troubles, also protective "You're my gang now and I'll literally skin alive anyone trying to hurt you. Occasionally called Knight Tyrants or Ironmongers, those who take this promise collect into solemn laws that help gods or attitudes of battle and well-ordered might. I mean i don't want to be hated by my group just for wanting to dominate my enemies nor i want the typical a man with golden shiny armor. Stay strong to your tenants and lead your party to your will. The same applies to the oath of conquest. It could however be good enough to pass as good within a D&D campaign. The riches of civilization that they hunger for can be theirs when they only subjugate themselves to society's laws and come in from the wilderness.

1st-level abjuration. The good Conqueror isn't just concerned with protecting the good people of society today, they're concerned with protecting them tomorrow, and the day after, and the day after that as well. Absolute power is a powerful drug. I look foward to play my oath of conquest paladin... :), "...the absence of war does not mean peace..", My own (growing) set of Homebrew subclasses, Born in Italy, moved a bunch, living in Spain, my heart always belonged to Roleplaying Games.

Be honorable and kind towards people. Your deity has expected great things of you and you know no other way to earn your seat in your ascension than to claim land and bend civilization to your views. For Hexblade, though, try the Half-Elf Dark Elf variant with a Greatsword and Lightning Lure.

Next we're heading out for more lawful good type of city. He was always treated like something less, not taught stone craft or dwarvish.

What does victory mean to him. ALL criminals.

It's not wanting to build a kingdom is the problem is how do i dominate my enemies without looking like an evil tyrant. Make it clear they won't get away, and people as a whole will be safer. I instantly see the picture. The answer is always death. But where most societies lack the will to punish crime is when the criminals in question are privileged with wealth and power and connections.

And that's when they started seeing results, but also when their patron rejected them, that rejection poisoning their bond. I'll be playing a Large Dragonborn Half-dragon (3/4 Dragon, homebrew). While the idea sounds cool, i am unable to imagine a good looking Merfolk as to me they look pretty weird tbh. Paladin characters likely to establish and represent goodness and law – they are not meant to lie or use venom, and some interpretations say they must only use slyness, missile armaments, and other types of real fighting as a last resort. a Viking-esque theme is a good fit for a conquest paladin :), Why does everyone assume a tyrant is a bad thing?https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/tyrant. My grave Cleric recently died  in Curse of Strahd so I'm bringing in my backup character, a Scourge Aasimar Oath of Conquest Paladin, I envision him as being somewhere between a Black Templar Space marine and the more zealous Stormcast Eternals.

But i'd stick out with Dragonborn because dragons are the best! ©2020 Wizards. I agree with your analysis of the Conquest Paladin. Their holy obligations concentrate on helping needy people, caring for the world, or extinguishing malevolent.

The Oath is primarily through a state of fear, which is not frequently used and thus not extensively respected. Ummm, it's probably because tyrants in real life often become corrupt themselves.

The Triton's Control Air and Water feature scales well with Oath of Conquest, and with the Paladin's Charisma.

The defining characteristic for a paladin is the sense of drive and dedication, outside of an oathbreaker. I am planning to play a Fallen Aasimar Oath of Conquest/Hexblade, where I was forcefully made to take a pact with a patron. You know no other way to live other than to expand.

He will most likely be always lawful to his cultural and religion beliefs. And someone else pointed out, you don't always have to kill and dominate, you can subjugate.


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