Product name 5L CLEANLINE PINE DISINFECTANT Product number 800-126-4001 Container size 5L 1.2. ������$|��;�uR����d�c���5�N$D*�mdY Then, the remaining amount of water can be added. Ecological information on ingredients. IF YOU NEED ANY OF THE CHEMICAL MENTIONED ABOVE, YOU MAY BUY HERE: Your email address will not be published. Pine Disinfectant is an extremely effective disinfectant, deodorizer and cleaner suitable for use in health care facilities, schools, food service areas, restrooms and most other public areas. Q: Formulations are industrial grade or for small scale? It means you may see the things from inside of the solution to other side. But One should take care of precautionary measures. Toxicological information on ingredients. 120 0 obj <>stream 55 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<5FAE7935CBA7EF4EBBE01DA05549290C><5FAE7935CBA7EF4EBBE01DA05549290C>]/Index[48 18]/Info 47 0 R/Length 56/Prev 42892/Root 49 0 R/Size 66/Type/XRef/W[1 2 1]>>stream ��,.`) pE1$eAp�+^W��z�������9 �����{���Ox�3g��̳?sR%�b$�'�7ܔ_0b�h !�w�^?j����pz5�:��k���A�}�b�y�� ��M�@�E"D=�o�}���������1#G��z�ux�>�/�G��a�M����'L�٫(m;!s�vwL5r���G�_>a���V��~��׾�#'��9�����a3�_����RD">` _��t}[J[����&D$"������Cdp9�����p�z���2�s�����|��֨��, ��Y��-. Disinfectant. h�bbd``b`J�+�C��$� �W@b�;#�~�,#1��? When used at full strength, Pine-Sol Multi-Surface Cleaner is a disinfectant. ��I�иE��^[ϥ�Nqy6�Y�-�@ׅ�.��«Qx�� This process is the main step for making white phenyl. h�tRmk�0�+�}�K6���b:hFY�n�AK�#p�`�#���S�,��xt�{yNw��@90���B�� KV�A�XN�`58-���}�J���u�d�C�߄DC��O�}�����֛�Bp!`���XKpW�b�j܇.�jKV�j��C:�ւ���c��1��=���B:���7#�Lf������z� �ȫ��.韓o��6 gO�b��i�ϗŠү�8��/�M endstream endobj 99 0 obj <>stream h޼Smo�0�+��jB~#�#UH�@�U�n��!%,�$J�i��� d���I�>�l��sw��(� J��F 4@����>B�0g�2�+�zx�I�҅� �i5�f��(�cK����t� ��,l�_~�J(E��DBy����;���^�)�i��\ΦO�ڤ��¬�L�xb�ܬ�b�kD����$~�Wڇ�*jSٲ����~�h���`2\� ��ܟ�Lצ��M2h���=��il��K��U���[U�z�:%��Cx. o��F����} A general disinfectant for floors, walls and drains in hospitals, schools, nursing homes, offices and factories. h�b```f``*�������,N'dZv�O8���q��� PULJ�rH���@ƲE�LPwx� $ ���H3�)� ��p H��T�KA���@�`������_=��D/�U�I�������ꙚI�s���~��̞��HZ�W��.^��ZJϫϏB�9 ���:n�`�ϴ`�$��(������wY$��'!�6���9�E*ˍ�פv�ҕ�]���g~F�ڞ&S�&���zs3O��L��$.�׈t��ڲ�:g/�,ZW�]�la�u2ԥG��{�>��Bj����{T�ڥ*��.�y ��n���r2O��F]G��޶QT��bD�f;.�p�ß��9( �0����'+���ԍl�� ����q^ =���m# ��]� ��� ?N���§ �(���o��������~t�_$�,���BĊIc�8�N��@pv�r�� o��_p� 3 P�^"Ƽ�7%(?����x������t*��]��w� Z�B�U �y5�1����\���S9d�Q@j�c�6I�_�q 97��)��1�����Id`,�feƬ�HW�|O�ٮ����u��[|�[�\�s^wS�jS���B�-�.�|����������j����B_�IQ�Rke&Ms_�1�Σ��0�����?oKJ.O~�\3++���g�il���Dz����r�uX,t�Eϋ�c�5ۆszݑ���Z|T�0 �˕ PINE DISINFECTANT Inhalation May cause irritation to the respiratory system. Formulation of White Phenyl – Pine Oil Disinfectant. endstream endobj startxref ?��Ь?8|^P�y���������4(��K=\I, p�ci�+{�2\X:•����L,�p%�$p��R�v�*�вdp����R���� L��� �� �-���p� ������� ̫-I�����**ǖ20U�-W9����rlIp�cKW9���*�> E��2�U�-#\��2�U�-�rl9�U����$�p��I���$�Ƽ��5�"\c8!�5�:��p��1���5���p���*��=���lU#��V5��lU;����nd��ÍlU����7����F.M�p#�f �ȥYY�\� �ȥY���4S����M�"��p,�M�:����nb8� �1n���q���p�w�@���ձ��.��b+������Jy�(MװT�r��������n���e|^���)7Y�Y�;�4g�쮗�v�^��m?�� Trade Name: GLITZ PINE DISINFECTANT Product Use: Cleaning agent, deodoriser, disinfectant. b#�o�ufd?I�QFj��T��>3ty�ȏ��[��3�G-�bBZ���fG˖̦L��3G��G�oéY�5�h U��qo�KaR'�%�΂. Solution appears to be transparent type. ��C�v�� �1� ��P�M�I�����n/=O�`����=���s��m$����,�N�b�����u�J: ;��U*U��*�~E��٦UiW�f�s�����o�w�3�h�b�`���3�h.6/4�d��f�u�����(p��׹��]���Ѯ=�J�G���WR�O�=�{ڏ�U��2T�'2���?���?�5M����Y�j�e��Fa������3�}ԙ�Vۜ�uI6'?|! h�b```f``rd`a`�� Ā B@ 丠��0)�VA��m����۹�,����Cz&B׌d� 30202H0�0X2�=��`�a�a�f�frP9���9e���y`=�L�x!Z8���Ӟ�>�� ��)� Disinfectant … 94 0 obj <> endobj Our oil in white phenyl making is pine oil. The Agitator or impeller attached with the motor should be inside that container and the height from bottom of the container should be kept as minimum to impose proper mixing. Formulation of Toilet Cleaner – Sweep – Drain Opener, Formulation of Concentrated Car Wash Shampoo, Formulation of All Purpose Cleaner – Car Wash, Formulation of Multi-Purpose-Cleaner / General-Purpose-Cleaner (MPC/GPC /APC), Formulation of Liquid Hand Wash Soap Commercial & Economical Grade, Formulation of Hand Sanitizing Gel – Commercial Grade. Q: Are the formulations dangerous to human health? Eye contact Splashes may irritate. ALL COPYRIGHTS RESERVED 2019 by AUChemicals. }M6��z�N�:�,���WP_��|���G̍�D;���p�U���`�*�sd��� All of the formulations provided here can be used for small scale as well as industrial grade. The Drum/Container/Vessel should be placed on horizontal surface. TIP: In the prepared phenyl base present in mixing vessel, add the equal amount of water slowly. Q: Do you offer premium services for innovating new formulations? Toxicity Toxicity Normal use of product is not expected to pose a risk to the environment. It is EPA-registered and claims to kill 99.9 percent of germs and bacteria on non-porous surfaces. Formulation of White Phenyl: The ingredients required for making Formulation of White Phenyl – Disinfectant are Pine oil, Turkey Red Oil (TRO), scent, H2o. ingredients. Your email address will not be published. endstream endobj 98 0 obj <>stream Run the agitator or mixer to start mixing. x��� |S��?Ph��6eD+����� Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Orange-Brown Liquid, Pine Odor. 30. Creation Date: March, 2012 This version issued: March, 2012 and is valid for 5 years from this date. 48 0 obj <> endobj %PDF-1.3 %���� Required fields are marked *. 1.3. N, Dangerous to the environment. Addition of 97% water should take place in the following matter. endstream endobj 49 0 obj <>>> endobj 50 0 obj <> endobj 51 0 obj <>stream The active ingredients in our disinfectant and sanitizer products that kill germs on surfaces. endstream endobj startxref Skin contact Prolonged and frequent contact may cause redness and irritation. %%EOF Alkyl (50% C14, 40% C12, 10% C16) dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride Antimicrobial Active: The active in surface disinfectants and sanitizers to kill germs on surfaces. Dilution: 6 ounces per gallon of water. There are two steps for manufacturing of white phenyl. endstream endobj 100 0 obj <>stream %%EOF 0 The Phenyl base formed would be of mild brown color and homogeneous. i��ӝ�!�A����k�vp};�j=h��?���|A䷓J~�ѫ���j��d�� 3������B�����X��������b������� ���Z����W�]���6|��~Ԅo{��)�x����6�I��$�\#�aoj����ã�Yz�~BO�"X���;��^g��Wg����apg>�����t�. "����d� ?&߁In0yLʁIm09 ���V��&IF�.��H�;����{��"@�g`�� � �+ May cause stomach pain or vomiting. preferably lemon flavored or jasmine flavored does the job very well. Ingestion May cause discomfort if swallowed. Pine oil needs an emulsifier to remain stable in water. 9��aU9 �)K��`[V s(Pls��������H��bS��� ��6�=�2���Y�z��-��Yƿ�` ��ϒ We have provided those formulations that are currently being used from decades and all are eco-friendly recipes. Therefore, we add Turkey Red Oil (TRO) in Pine oil to make phenyl base. Effective against Escherichia coli and Conforms to BS 6471 Q.A.P. Pine Disinfectant Kills smells and malodours, leaving a fresh pine atmosphere. But one PRECAUTION is required. In the last step, add fragrance of your choice. %PDF-1.4 %���� we do have a team of Chemists and Engineers that can offer our valued customers premium services. H��SMK�@}��z�~Q�=H�P���Mҫ�kѦF�W+������jK�֢Ȓ����̼�%���8E #����K����>r���yt�S$�Lik�`U����t�*w�ӓI�UϞ��O���7��$ ]Jd��W˅�\��LGng352ӫ$&>��g� ��@§�����ヨI�&֠y��CBl�3�8�9/͔�\��\K��\�1�Ɉ��h�%��b%���.�A�Q����DK۷W���E�(��!�[bd����������G���ߟE�Im����� �@j���ֶum?�CB�/}��B��6�7�^����m�9���gɊ��8l�#[p�D6*�� [�Ӊ��t}�N�7ӊ?�g����:����n�w���|2߷�������&�Y\��Z����=�� d@|nLi{=����%�>�~:U_1K#A0�#�f%?����v�H�Y��&O �@4��6���K�̫Hv�i��]�k$��i3�n�<7��J��D�~J�I!�dt�ZR��Wr��]�o�_��\2��cU|.���!�nn�Hk!����w"c�4ؕ D�r�6����h�xIY�F�����?FV���a���Ž^���(o'w���N6ѿ)�k��


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