Hmm, that is kinda hard to judge without a picture. When i siwchit on the bulb conecting with rely out put . I would like to know if a PIR can be replaced on a trail camera that a company stated the components are proprietary? Thanks Ramesh, sorry I couldn’t be more helpful. As far as I understand, you’d need an amplifier (like this one from AdaFruit – they also have a few example projects utilizing this sensor). I am Rara who is working for company which provide golf swing motion sensor. The problem i am facing is that i am giving an input to pir of the order of 5-7 volts but at the output i am getting very low voltage which is not even enough to glow an led even without uusing a resistance. You could even try the sensor by removing the little dome and possibly combine it with a short piece of tube or pipe. This is done in a smart way, to avoid false positives caused for example by a brief flash or an increase in room temperature. It is possible to make PIR more sensitive or Non-Sensitive Enough. • Time delay: 10 seconds to 7 minutes • Ambient light: 3-2,000 Lux (adjustable) • Installation height: 1.8-2.5m … can anyone tell me what is the minimum difference in IR needed by a PIR to be triggered. If you mean that at startup, the PIR takes about 4 seconds to “warm up” then I would not know a work around for that.The PIR has to adjust to it’s environment when powered on, which takes a few seconds. I currently attach an event_detect to the PIR pin and make a callback. WiFi, Bluetooth, 2.4Ghz RF, etc), then you could consider increasing the size of the antenna.I’m not sure if this is a homebrew alarm (allow more modifications) or a commercial alarm (making it much harder). As for your question; under normal circumstance this is not possible with a PIR. p.s. For example, aim the PIR at an empty wall. When a warm As for thing being expensive in Nepal: Oh my, and I though I had it rough when I was living in Holland (expensive shipping, and Dutch customs charging an arm and a leg on import and sales taxes). Yes,I bought a HOME SECURITY SYSTEM consisting of a CONTROL ALARM UNIT, 2 DOOR SENSORS and 2 PIR SENSORS.PIR sensors triggers the ALARM UNIT in both the position of PULSE switch -either OFF or ON.It communicates in both the position.I could not make out any difference.Hence all these my questions and queries. As for the resistor; it’s only included to protect the LED. I read about that one too. That link might be just what i need. Throughout this time there ought to be as little movement as could reasonably be expected in the sensors field of perspective. Oh sorry, missed that point, doh!Lesson learned; never try to answer a question when you just woke up and have not had coffee yet . There is a plethora of WiFi shields, RTC clocks and GSM modules, not to mention the question how you’d like to communicate with the police officer (voice? I think the sensor itself has 3 pins as well. Looking at the OBDII Wiki page, in this table: You’ll see that PID “0C” (zero C, which is hexadecimal, or 12 decimal) should give the RPM’s of your engine.The number needs to be converted: It returns 2 bytes and if I understand the documentation correctly, the actual RPM’s = ( (256xByte1) + Byte2 ) / 4. require? I’m just replying here as well for others to see the response. ambient amount radiated from the room or walls or outdoors. I have not tested this and I would assume that it will be very hard for a person to not move, additionally add some logic to your code that assumes nobody present in the cubicle when there was not motion detected for say 20 seconds or a minute. The car interface is called OBDII (and I just kept typing ODBII ) – I corrected the text above. In scenario A, you could try to determine what the 3 pins in the camera are. If I separate the 5 sensors 5-8cm apart so that it will just detect my whole hand to trigger the sound, it is still wise to use a PIR sensor or motion sensor? Would you have any suggestions regarding which sensor to use to improve the result of my use case . One is the time Delay; or how long the PIR will keep the Output “High” (ON) after detecting motion (how long will it flag a change as “ON”). At the moment I got the same problem - how to modify sensor to lower the time to some 1 sec or so. SparkFun has some gear for this purpose as well, but their approach seems more complicated (number of items needed), but they do have an interesting guide to read. Ehm … I’m not entirely sure what you’re trying to say, but I’m guessing the PIR output does not drop to LOW? The brain of the PIR Sensor Module is the BISS0001 PIR Motion Detector IC. I have brought a batch of 12v pir sensors from ebay to mess about with some garden solar lighting ( 12volt car battery charged by solar panel for use during darkness). The maximum sensitivity can be achieved up to 6 meters. But they might not work as you’d like them to work. As mentioned,  the adjustable range is from approximately 3 to 7 meters. Motion sensor out the signla but not off sitt . The OBDII route may be a little more work, but I think this route may be worth it.Again: I have zero experience with OBDII and Arduino. However, there were a number of improvements and updates made to Revision B, and if using Revision A in your project the following information should be noted and used. It is not problem with your program but the way sensor logic works. (since I just want the detection to be valid directly on top of the sensor). One more thing I’d like to know, was on how to go about to increase the time delay required for the pir sensor to switch the circuit off once it does not detect motion. Perhaps there's a better way, maybe with polling to reduce delay times? miniWol is a simple, but effective application to send Wake On LAN to network devices. Well, without making it too complicated, you could add a delay of a couple seconds when “arming” your alarm or powering on the Arduino (in setup()).I do recall a PIR taking a few seconds to “calibrate” when you fire it up (ie. That loading effect changed the pitch through another circuit the audible frequency modulator. Both options are cheap too.But you’d need to assume that there is light coming on those sensors, unless a hand or finger is positioned above the sensor and light is being reduced. This page shows us we’d probably need a thermocouple temperature sensor. Doable with a CMOS 555, but you actually need two timers - a 1-second pulse driving the output, and a 5-minute inhibit pulse that is triggered by the *trailing* edge of the output pulse. sounds like your alarm system has PIR units that can be used for other purposes as well – and the manual most certainly is far from clear or complete.Good news is that it works either ways for your purpose haha. So the short version of the answer would be: I don’t know. The time delay adjustment determines how long the output of the PIR sensor module will remain high after detection motion. It is my first circuit, and I’m pretty proud too..!! Initially had some trouble with this as well, but I found that I was just too impatient (not waiting long enough), or I had the PIR in a direction where there constantly was motion (temperature changes), for example my dog walking by. Donations will be used for web-hosting expenses, project hardware or a motivational boost (a drink or snack). @ Hung … Removing the fresnel lens may work for a musical instrument as it reduces the detection angle considerably (check the PIR spec sheets) and you could always go with the smaller PIR’s too I agree that the range (directions/distance) are a little “soft” and definitely difficult to tune if needed.The only way I know to properly determine the coverage range of a PIR is by simply testing one setting at a time (which is hard with the potentiometer on the PIR). This is because of the settling time included in studying nature’s domain. Hello Hans,  does every PIR have approximately minimum delay time of 2 seconds to trigger? I am thinking to use it to detect movement of small insects that emit a tiny amount of IR. PIR sensors, or Passive Infra Red sensors, can be great for Arduino and Raspberry Pi projects, and can be bought really cheap – I only paid about a dollar per sensors in bundle of 10 PIR sensors from eBay, but you can get them really cheap at places like Amazon or AliExpress as well. Since your case is totaly different, you cannot use this sensor without modification. First off: I did see that I made a typo in my text. How can I contact you privately? I actually have set the settings to the lowest(turned them both completely to the left). If it still stays on, then there may be something wrong with the PIR, the wiring, or your PIR has one or the other jumper set wrong. Small, yet reliable passive infrared (PIR) … ).This will take a lot of work, and investment, for anyone to build or design this for you.


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