Very, very good. Red Skin Mashed Potatoes recipe creates ultra flavorful and creamy Thanksgiving style mashed potatoes. Boil the potatoes with the lid off. Homemade Mashed Red Potatoes are super simple to make. site. I'm Kellie and I LOVE food! and one half head of cauliflower together Mashed red potatoes are the perfect side dish for any occasion. Learn how your comment data is processed. Add a light drizzle of olive oil, avocado oil, or 1-2 tablespoons of butter to a non-stick skillet. Add potatoes, and cook until tender but still firm, about 10 minutes. Add the remaining milk and cream cheese. Set aside. I dont agree with BTRACY02. The trick to light and creamy mashed potatoes is paying attention to your cooking techniques. Amount is based on available nutrient data. November 24, 2020 By Katya Leave a Comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I love a good casserole side but potatoes always have my heart because they’re easy to adapt into something completely new. Yes, you can use a mixer but just don’t over mix and use low speed. Mash the potatoes until they're creamy and mostly. Tender cooked red potatoes are mashed until creamy and smooth are stirred with melted browned butter before being seasoned with Everything Bagel Spice. Been making potatoes like this for some time, but slight variation. Reds are a waxy type of potato that is high in moisture, sugar, and low in starch compared to starchy potatoes like Russets. Everything Bagel Seasoning – The most epic (and trendy) spice blend, it has kosher salt, garlic, onion, poppyseeds and sesame seeds so you don’t need much else to season your potatoes. I changed things just a touch to make them lower in carbs so that I could enjoy them with my family. Simmer for 20-30 minutes until potatoes are fork tender. I love these beautiful mashed potatoes! What a wonderful meal for the beginning of fall! Didn't change a thing. Mashed potatoes are a dinner time staple for good reason – they’re flavorful, easy to make and inexpensive. Thanks for leaving a comment and review! With only 5 ingredients these red skin mashed potatoes make an effortless side dish for any occasion. These potatoes are amazing! If you are following a medically restrictive diet, please consult your doctor or registered dietitian before preparing this recipe for personal consumption. Microwave half-and-half for 45 seconds until warmed, about 120ºF (49ºC). Add 2 teaspoons of salt and bring to a boil over high heat. Starting with hot water can result in uneven cooking of the potatoes. Garnish w/ parsley flakes. Plus the roasted zucchini and broccoli from my garden….yum. These mashed red potatoes are mouth watering! If you’re a potato fan, you’ll adore these mashed red potatoes! Just reheat in the oven at 300 degrees, covered with foil, until warmed through. So they are quick to cook and make the best skin-on mashed potatoes. How to make mashed red potatoes Step 1: Steam cubes of red potato until very tender. The key to making sure the potatoes do not stick to the pan is to use low heat and a non-stick skillet. Simply a perfect ratio of red skin potatoes, milk, butter, cream cheese, and salt. You can make mashed potatoes up to 2 days in advance. Taste and season with salt and pepper as desired. It tastes nutty, warm and has much more flavor than just regular melted butter. Also, drain the potatoes thoroughly to remove all of the water before mashing But if by any chance you do end of with runny mashed potatoes, you can stir in a little more cream cheese or shredded cheese, such as cheddar cheese to thicken them up. Gradually fold into potatoes in three additions, until the half-and-half is absorbed. If you try Red Skin Mashed Potatoes, don’t forget to leave feedback and a rating. No need to add garlic unless you want Garlic Red Mashed Potatoes. Like another reviewer I added some crushed garlic. HOW TO MAKE THEM. * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet. In the potato pot, melt the butter over medium heat. Glad to know that I am doing some things right when I am doing mashed potatoes. It's so nice not to have to peel the potatos. document.removeEventListener('mousemove',loadFc975); Try Cauliflower and Ricotta Mash, Asparagus and Lemon Risotto, or Creamy Orzo with Grilled Vegetables. Mashed potatoes are one of my favorite parts about Thanksgiving dinner. Tender cooked red potatoes are mashed until creamy and smooth are stirred with melted browned butter before being seasoned with Everything Bagel Spice. You’re welcome Judy, I hope he likes this recipe! Drain and add to the boiling water. with a couple cloves of garlic. This is a wonderful recipe! Hi Lee- Half and half is about 1/2 cream and 1/2 whole milk, but the manufacturer’s use specific ratios to hit a certain fat level. My family is going to love this recipe! The best part about this red skin mashed potatoes recipe is that it serves only 4-5 people. The trick to light and creamy mashed potatoes is paying attention to your cooking techniques. Season with salt, pepper, chives and enjoy! It’s so easy to make and tastes so gourmet. ★☆ It’s less work, the skin adds a nice color to the final dish, along with some texture and nutritional value. Make sure to stir the potatoes occasionally for even heating. These Mashed Red Skin Potatoes are my new favorite because they’re crazy easy to make but the flavor is out of this world. Once the potatoes are mashed to desired consistency, slowly stir in the butter. Kids love it! Mashed potatoes are one of my most favorite foods ever. Everything Bagel Spice Blend INGREDIENTS YOU WILL NEED You can never go wrong with potatoes, whether it’s baked potato wedges, hasselback potatoes, or these rich and creamy mashed red potatoes. They’re made with butter, milk, and cream cheese. You should stir the potatoes to make sure they are evenly heated. I might add just a bit of feta, she loves that too! Filed Under: Side Dishes Tagged With: Mashed Potatoes. Dice into 4-inch pieces. This post may contain affiliate links. Add well-drained potatoes back to the pot and use a potato masher to lightly break them down until smooth. Sprinkle with parsley, then serve immediately. To Make Garlic Red Skin Mashed Potatoes. Bring the potatoes to a boil and then turn the heat to low. Add more garlic butter on top along with a sprinkle of parsley, then serve and enjoy. They look perfect for so many meals. If you like these easy mashed red potatoes, you may also love these Yukon Gold Mashed Potatoes! Required fields are marked *. Russets have always been my favorite, but I think red potatoes may have a new place in my heart. They’re the perfect blend of flavors and can be on your table in no time. You can freeze mashed red potatoes. Cold water. Very important to boil the water before you add the potatos or it will be too mushy. Another alternative is you can beat your potatoes with a hand mixer. Removing excess starches and boiling until fork tender ensures a fluffy and creamy texture. Get my essential cooking techniques that I learned in culinary school. Avoid using a mixer, food processor, or blender of any sort. You can make the consistency of the mashed potatoes creamy or chunky – I like mine somewhere in the middle. Red potatoes are the key to this homestyle side. If you don't have a potato masher, you can use a fork to mash the potatoes or grab an electric hand mixer. Cook potatoes until fork-tender, about 15 minutes. This recipe is really amazing! I used fat free half and half (to save some more calories!) Cook the butter, while swirling the pan occasionally, until the butter turns a golden brown. When she’s not creating in the kitchen, Jamielyn loves to chase her four little monkeys and snuggle up on the couch with her man. You can also subscribe without commenting. You can leave the skins on the potatoes if preferred. This mashed red potatoes recipe is incredibly versatile and goes with so many things… this easy Baked Chicken recipe, it’s literal perfection when it comes to an easy weeknight dinner. These potatoes are fabulous as-is, but you can add other ingredients to customize this dish to your tastes. Kudos to you for this and all the other wonderful recipes you give us! Tag @jessica_gavin on Instagram. Our small-batch red skin mashed potatoes serves 4-5 people.


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