It’s finally time to pack! Students can use the portal to learn more about their options to pursue a higher education degree in Australia, the culture, cost of living and much more. Choose a Subject and we’ll find courses that match your criteria, Speak to an IDP Counsellor to find out more information, Packing List for International Students to Australia 2020, Survival tips for international students in the first year. We use cookies to enhance your experience. Maybe you're creating a Europe packing list or Southeast Asia packing list. Students can use the portal to learn more about their options to pursue a higher education degree in Australia, the culture, cost of living and much more. The Australian medical system is different than the one in your own country, no matter what country you come from. So, you’ve chosen your course. Bring mementos, necessities, clothing, and other items that you would need to have no matter what country you are heading to. It’ll reduce your stress too. The Ultimate Study Abroad Packing List Packing - no longer the most daunting study abroad task. Will you get the keys almost immediately after you arrive in the country? Take clothes fit for summers, such as tank tops, shorts, t-shirts, and dresses. They may help you think of items that we’ve forgotten as well. In this packing guide, we have listed some dos and don’ts for students packing for Australia. Do you understand how the transportation works in the state you are living in? Hence, filling your bags with heavy jackets would do you no good. And here’s a brief packing guide to help you steer clear of luggage troubles when traveling to study in Australia. I know students want a detailed list of what to pack when you study abroad, and we all get annoyed when someone says “its common sense”. It’s a little bit of a shock to leave America where these items aren’t so expensive and then arrive here and have to purchase tons of them. Their website offers a variety of statistics and other information that you may find interesting or necessary before you arrive. Otherwise, the airline will have the right to charge you for excess luggage or ask you to leave some of your luggage behind. Do you have your visa and passport somewhere that they are easy to access (carry-on or handbag)? Hence, over-packing is a big no-no! Throw a party or some other type of social gathering. It’s a good time to start packing when you are traveling documents are in order, and your seat on the flight has been reserved. Then, you can have some fun with your friends and family before you leave, and make sure that you see most of them before you leave the country. Is your passport up to date? Australian bouncers are strict when it comes to club attire, so I advise definitely abiding by the dress rules. This will allow you to spend a weekend exploring Melbourne or Byron Bay without having to carry a heavy duffel bag or roll along a bulky suitcase. Make sure to have a gift for your homestay family as well. Australia strictly regulates the animals which can enter the country to preserve their natural environment. In this packing guide, we have listed some dos and don’ts for students packing for Australia. If carrying medicines, keep a prescription from a certified health care professional along with you. Take a look at this checklist and double check everything before you get rolling. Are you missing anything? We hope that this guide would help you take everything that you’ll need to embark on your academic journey in Australia! You can buy really cheap adaptors on Amazon or other discount sites. Have you taken a look at Australian social customs and norms? What about things to do? If you still have concerns about your final checklists, the international studies office at your university will also be able to help you go through these checklists. Makeup and Toiletries. Make sure that you have contact information. Australia is one of the most popular study destinations for international students worldwide and our student portal is visited by over 60k visitors annually. You can either carry them in your hand luggage or get them scanned and saved in your electronic device. I know students (and the general traveling population) want a detailed packing list, and we all get annoyed when someone says “it’s common sense”. Apart from your valid passport and student visa, you should also keep the document to prove that you have Overseas Student Health Care covered. If not, have you obtained local medical insurance? If you are concerned or curious about the crime rates in Australia, check out the Australian Institute of Criminology. One thing that I am so glad I did during my time abroad was take lots of pictures and journal about my experiences. Is everything settled with the university in terms of finances? Are there any extra applications that you have to fill out? It’s the world’s largest island - surrounded by the waters of the Indian and Pacific Oceans – but it’s also the world’s smallest continent. If you have any questions about accommodations as an international student, check out the accommodations page on this site or talk to the international studies office at your university. You’ll definitely want sneakers when you go for a run along the boardwalk or climb the Sydney Harbor Bridge. I brought a small notebook, and try to write about funny stories or exciting nights that happened. Have you gotten all of your necessary vaccinations? It’s only a couple weeks until you head to Australia for your academic pursuits. While the fascinating country’s recent history is still marked by … Read more, studied abroad with TEAN on the Gold Coast, Australia, 10 Virtual Travel Experiences Across Asia Pacific. Do you have everything with you when you go to the airport? Consider starting a blog and providing the address to those you love. If you are still concerned about the immigration and visa system for Australia, you can read more information here. Have you made sure to go through all of the steps listed on our. Australia is a very exciting country to study in, and you need to take advantage of every opportunity you have while studying there. How soon to the first day of classes will you be arriving? Whenever I spend a weekend in a new place, I always journal about my time there. Mascara is about $18 and I’ve seen shampoo sell for about $11. Contact your host family before you leave. Don’t forget to get your currency bills converted into Australian dollars. You won’t even be able to get on the plane if you don’t have your visa and passport information up-to-date and completed as the Australian government requires. Speak with your IDP counsellors for more tips on living in Australia. Here are some of the things to keep in mind. Your primary physician that you have in your home country should be able to help you with any of the medical questions or concerns that you may have about traveling to Australia, so make sure to schedule an appointment with them before you leave the country. When I first arrived in the Gold Coast in February, it was 80 degrees Fahrenheit every day. Hang out with your friends and family before you leave. REMINDER: Keep in mind the weight limits your airline enforces on your baggage. Make sure that you have these five items in order before you head out. Although you are choosing one Australian city to study abroad in, you will most likely spend a variety of weekends in other places. Getting a chance to study abroad can be pretty exciting, and it’s only natural to get carried away when packing your bags for a long-term stay in Australia. Other essential documents include birth certificate, medical certificate, passport-sized photographs, academic transcripts and diplomas, test scores, official acceptance letter, and financial statements. There are infinite ways to learn something new while we stay at home to keep … Read more, We’re continually monitoring the global COVID-19 situation and reviewing information from our trusted sources to … Read more, Though the world may still feel on hold right now, your dreams of studying or … Read more, “Should I study abroad in Australia or New Zealand?”  We hear this a lot from … Read more, Wondering where the best places to study abroad in Australia are?


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