But check to see if they are mealybugs or springtails, that would be my second guess. Fungus gnat larvae live in the top inch of the soil, which tends to stay pretty moist when you water plants from the top. This will remove fungus gnat eggs and larvae, and make it easier to gain the upper hand. Indoor plant watering devices also make watering houseplants easier, and help you avoid overwatering so you can get rid of plant gnats. amzn_assoc_ad_mode = "manual"; Steinernema Feltiae is a highly effectively parasitic nematode to use when treating house plant soil for fungus gnats. Fungus gnats are black flies that won’t do much damage, but are incredibly annoying. I mean, who want gnats flying all over their house? It will help you identify common houseplant bugs, and show you exactly how to kill them before they kill your beloved plants! All content found on this website is copyrighted materials and any form of reproduction is strictly prohibited. They work with any standard five gallon bucket. Use it to wet the top inch of the soil. I also noticed very similar dark silvery bugs in the soil of my outdoor planter. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees through links to Amazon.com. These teeny-tiny houseplant pests cause major issues, not just … Jaleah - To be sure you have sterile potting mix look carefully at the ingredients list on the bag - usually in fine print. Tiny bugs in houseplant soil—Fungus gnats lay their eggs in soil where larvae develop into minute black flies.These small flying insects look similar to fruit flies. Fungus gnat larvae thrive in moist soil, and they can’t survive in dry soil. Fungus gnats. If you see tiny black bugs in plant soil, and flying around your plants – those are fungus gnats. document.write(''); The common ratio I’ve been given is to mix 1 part hydrogen peroxide to 4 parts water. Yellow houseplant sticky stakes control fungus gnats. Thanks in advance for help 🙂. You can pour it in the soil, or spray it over the top. The critter in the first two looks like a predatory mite, so a potentially beneficial one that feeds on other creatures. As far as I can see they are dark/silvery, skinny, have wings, and no visible antenna though they may have them and they are too small for me to see. The most common ways fungus gnats get into your house are either they’re in the soil of a newly purchased plant, or in a bag of potting mix that you bring indoors. Heck, they can even fly in through the screen of an open window or door. Terms of Service apply. These natural gnat pesticide treatments should be effective after a few applications. There are methods to rid your plants of these soil bugs that do not require you to re-pot the plant in new soil. Okay, I was unable to get a photo of the main bugs in question- the tiny dark silvery ones. The short answer is no, fungus gnats will not kill your houseplants. You can also subscribe without commenting. Your email address will not be published. Quality nursery growers use sterile potting mixes that are pest-free. Fungus gnats (also called soil gnats) are probably the most common (and annoying) houseplant pests. Israelensis (bacteria used as biological control) to the soil to exterminate gnat eggs and larvae. Will soil drench help? I did see the video and it was kind of the right shape for a springtail but I couldn't see it in enough detail. When dealing with tiny white bugs in soil, there may be a time to completely remove all soil in the pot or planter and replace with a new one. Yuck! For pests that are not necessarily feeding on the plant (and yes fungus gnat larvae may do) you need a contact insecticide. Required fields are marked *. I think I have a similar issue but am not sure if its exactly the same bug, and would like some help in identifying these and treating them. amzn_assoc_ad_type = "smart"; I read a similar thread on these forums from a couple years ago, about some tiny silvery bugs in the soil of a houseplant. Even though they aren’t a huge problem for your plants, fungus gnats are likely to drive you crazy, right?! Sterilize your soil to get rid of bug eggs. Eradicating fungus gnats by bottom watering plants. Thanks Sooby. Thank you for all of the valuable information bumplbea! Below are the best methods to use to rid your indoor plants of those annoying flying gnats…. You have to keep your plants and roots intact and be extra careful when transplanting. Bottom watering plants will make it easier to maintain dryer top soil, without risking the overall health of the plant. Read More... Hello, I have a lot of indoor plants that have tiny white insects coming out of drainage holes of the pot. If you’re still unsure, read about how to tell the difference between the two here, so you can make a positive ID every time.


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