It was then that the familiar offerings at Tortas Alex were most welcome. Chef de Cuisine Job Herrera values tortas for their variety and versatility, but finds guests aren’t familiar with them. What’s the key to their appeal? Just include those Mexican natives, avocado, tomatoes and beans, and leave the rest to your imagination. Instead of a terrible telera, use a good ciabatta. The rolls with which these are made, also called pambazos, are sold in the local bakeries to people who make pambazos at home. “There’s a balance…make something you can put in your mouth and eat comfortably. Commentdocument.getElementById("comment").setAttribute("id","a2e59016e572ddcbe7bc4426cde17c3d");document.getElementById("b9ed1d342d").setAttribute("id","comment"); Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. “These unique formats and flavors will only grow as these younger populations continue to mature.”.
We Can Help You Reach Your Best Customers! First, a good telera is very hard to find, to find them delivered to you is seven times more difficult. Santibañez, for one, is wary of fusion efforts. It’s Torta Time: Tortas, cemitas and pambazos bring ethnic flair to a menu favorite. Vegetarians have a few options, like the Portobello Melt, and four salads satisfy the gluten-free. These are sold on the street in the morning by the tamal vendors, frequently served with the thick corn beverage, atole. Fried Cutlet Torta: Pambazos: Hot Savory Sandwiches; Tortas Ahogadas: Tortas with Tomato Sauce Take a guy from Puebla asking for a cemita in San Francisco.
By any name, sandwiches are champions of versatility and satisfaction. Teleras, having two cuts made in them before baking, are flatter than bolillos, but both always have the soft insides, called the miga, torn out before filling the roll. The soft roll is filled with cooked, shredded chicken or Oaxaca cheese, topped with a savory sauce and garnished with avocado and onion. “When you break that perfect universe it’s hard to be satisfied. Although a Mexican torta goes far beyond what is normally described as a sandwich – it was something delicious, satisfying and comforting when we needed it most. The torta called a guajolota consists of a telera roll stuffed with two tamales, usually of mole or chile strips. Classic cemita fillings are tongue, potatoes and jellied pigs’ feet, all of which provide a good textural contrast to the crunchiness of the roll. Güero No. Make sure you have the crunch, the acidity and a good protein to balance it, make sure it has all the elements to bring up texture and flavor.”, The perpetual question of authenticity lingers. At Casa Rustica, corporate chef Cesar Garcia and chef de cuisine Herrera agree that bread is foremost: “Find a good bread or make it yourself.” At Cook’s Tortas, they do the latter, baking wood-fired ciabatta-style rolls perfected by a family member who is also a top baker at Thomas Keller’s Bouchon. So is the indigenous herb pápalo, named for the Nahuatl word papalotl, or butterfly, which it resembles because of the shape of its leaves. This was long before tortas and cemitas were sold in U.S. cities, and the closest foods resembling them were Italian heros and submarines. In fact, the cemita ranked highest in a list of global sandwiches that are “gaining traction with U.S. consumers,” with 46 percent of respondents saying they want to try this ethnic sandwich, Datassential reports. Another Chicago sandwich institution is Rick Bayless’ Xoco, where tortas are the specialty of the house. Pambazo (Mexican Dipped Torta Sandwich) So, I went on a Pambazo craze. The filled tortas prepared at torterías are called tortas compuestas and, as time went on, we discovered several other types of tortas in Mexico.


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