PC Mac PS4 PS3 PS2 PS1 XOne X360 Xbox Wii U Wii GC N64 PS Vita PSP 3DS NDS GBA GB SNES NES DC Sat MD MS GG Neo NGP BWS CD-i Amiga C64 C16/+4 2600 Jag Lynx Lösungen. .security $name #level Set the security level of player $name to a level of #level. .TARGETLINK - Select spawn for currently selected NPC .KILL - Kill selected NPC The list includes: See Console variables/Complete list/Classic for a full list. .guid Display the GUID for the selected character. .taxicheat #flag Hide or reveal all taxi routes for the selected character. And optional add wait time. CVars 2. .learn all, if he wants to learn all default spells for Game Masters The List of Slash Commands lists most of the commands available from the official interface. You can make your own text-based emote (as noted above): This is a complete list of the emotes as of World of Warcraft version 1.5.0, released June 7, 2005. .modify spell !!! Need informations here !!! Widget API .wchange #weathertype #status Set current weather to #weathertype with an intensitiy of #status. This let character ghost from zone teleport to graveyard after die if graveyard is nearest from linked to zone and accept ghost of this faction. .SETSPAWNGO - Sets gameobject to be spawned Supported parameters include hp, mana, rage, energy, gold, level, speed, swim, scale, bit, bwalk, aspeed, faction, and spell. This section concerns content exclusive to Wrath of the Lich King. How do i use gameobjects as an npc ,,, because i keep being ledd to gm commands, "How do i use gameobjects as an npc ,,, because i keep being ledd to gm commands" Well dean if you mean add a item as an npc try this one: .npc vendoradditem (id of item). .DISMOUNT - Dismounts you (in case you have lost your mounted icon after logoff) .modify bit #field #bit Toggle the #bit bit of the #field field for the selected player. .cshuttdown Cancels shuttdown This section concerns content exclusive to. test_cameraDynamicPitchBaseFovPadDownScale, test_cameraDynamicPitchSmartPivotCutoffDist, test_cameraHeadMovementFirstPersonDampRate, test_cameraTargetFocusInteractStrengthPitch, test_cameraTargetFocusInteractStrengthYaw, TargetPriorityCombatLockContextualRelaxation, floatingCombatTextCombatDamageDirectionalOffset, floatingCombatTextCombatDamageDirectionalScale, floatingCombatTextCombatHealingAbsorbSelf, floatingCombatTextCombatHealingAbsorbTarget, floatingCombatTextCombatLogPeriodicSpells, dangerousShipyardMissionWarningAlreadyShown, smoothUnitPhasingDestroyedPurgatoryTimeMs, https://wow.gamepedia.com/Console_variables?oldid=5872986, The most commonly used CVars can be configured in the, AddOns and scripts can set CVars by calling. If no player is selected, modify your rage. In the World of Warcraft game client you can access many of its configuration options through 'console variables' or 'CVars'. One would then type something along the lines of: The above slash command, in some games, would send the string of text to the chat channel prefaced by the character name sending the command like so: .npcinfo Display a list of details for the selected creature. .recall $place Teleport you to various towns around the world. .delobject #go_guid Delete gameobject with guid #go_guid. .ADDSPAWN - NPC N add single spawn for N NPC's, Deletion/Kill commands .standstate #emoteid Change the emote of your character while standing to #emoteid. .SETAURA - For debug $place defines the target location. It’s really simple to enter commands into World of Warcraft. Position information includes X, Y, Z, and orientation, map Id and zone Id .GONAME - Teleport to player by name 1. Oh the drudgery! .prog Teleport you to Programmers Island. .maxskill Sets all skills of the targeted player to their maximum values for its current level. if the table has an 'X' in the Anim column, it means it has an associated animation. .NewMail? .TEST - For debug If #itemcount is omitted, only one item will be added. Gamemaster's Commands .command. Bring it fools! .LEARNSK - Learn some skill for player/GM .DELSK - Forget some skill, Teleportation commands Wow, someone stinks! If no #value is provided, display the content of field #field. .hidearea #areaid Hide the area of #areaid to the selected character. .DELSP - Forget some spell .TARGETGO - Selects nearest gameobjects and displays its info Changes. Here is a raw list of all slash commands in existence for the enUS client. Event API .go #position_x #position_y #position_z #mapid Teleport to the given coordinates on the specified map. and type ingame: #amount can be negative to remove money. #level may range from 1 to 63. You threaten everyone with the wrath of doom. .whispers on|off Enable/disable accepting whispers by GM from players. You drop your trousers and moon everyone. Skip to #Character Specific Variables. '/console command' - chat slash command to run a base game script command, like setting a CVar. With a finger deep in one nostril, you pass the time. for Nameplates) can only be set from SetCVar instead of with /console, this can be checked with … Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. .modify energy #energy Modify the energy of the selected player. Either specify the character name or click on the character's portait, e.g. AddOns .dismount Dismount you, if you are mounted. .RESURRECT - That's it .neargrave [any|alliance|horde] Find nearest graveyard linked to zone (or only nearest from accepts any, alliance, horde faction ghosts). You begin to play the world's smallest violin. You are overcome with boredom. Some of them have associated animations and sound; This table also shows the difference in what will be communicated depending on whether you have a target selected or not. .RESCP - Reloads all SCP databases .CLEARQFLAGS - Forgets about all completed quests You taunt everyone around you. .learn #parameter Selected character learn a spell of id #parameter. .createguild $GuildName $GuildLeaderName Create a guild named $GuildName with the player $GuildLeaderName? If no character is selected, increase your level. .addgo #id Add a game object from game object templates to the world at your current location using the #id. Use a #isInt of value 1 if the expected field content is an integer. .addweapon Not yet implemented. The word "Emote" indicates that you are communicating an action, not directly saying something. .gmlist Display a list of available Game Masters. \World of Warcraft\WTF\Config.wtf, These can be found/changed in the individual char's Config-cache.wtf file: Not yet implemented. .gps Display the position information for a selected character or creature. .modify swim #speed Modify the swim speed of the selected player. If no creature is selected, get the content of your field. .EXPORTSPAWNSXY -filename- - Exports rectangular world area to file, Misc commands Guild commands are used to handle various guild functions such as inviting people to the guild, leaving the guild, promoting and demoting members, and other various functions. .LISTSP - List of learned spells The List of Slash Commands lists most of the commands available from the official interface. You express your curiosity to those around you. World of WarCraft (PC) Genre: Rollenspiel Online-Spiel Erschienen: Februar 2005. cameraSmoothViewDataSmarterDistanceFactor, https://wowwiki.fandom.com/wiki/Console_variables/Complete_list?oldid=2832180. The list is not complete; for a complete list, see Console variables/Complete list. Widget API Hit Esc to get to it. These are commands that only affect the drop down menu. The commands can be found in the console window. when you are in a group. .Mod32Value #field #value Add #value to field #field of your character. If no character is selected, hide this area to you. You run around in a frenzied state of panic. PC: Cheats für World of WarCraft. .getvalue #field #isInt Get the field #field of the selected creature. .addgrave (any|alliance|horde) Add a graveyard at your current location for any or specific faction. .addspirit Spawns the spirit healer for the current location, if there is one defined for the current location. Use a #flag of value 1 to reveal, use a #flag value of 0 to hide all maps. WoW Lua WoW API Cluck, Cluck, Chicken! If in radius 50f already exist graveyard then instead creating new this graveyard coordinates, orientation and faction updated. .item #guid #amount Add the given amount #amount of the item with a GUID of #guid to the selected vendor. The following is a list of Emotes that can be used in the game.


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